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Colonial America

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The first group of Africans to arrive in amerce was in the year 1619. This was in Virginia where the captain of a Dutch ship had exchanged food with the African. Moreover, it is not clear whether they were considered indentured servants or slaves. In 1623, there were few blacks while, on the other hand, there were still blacks who were denied their freedom and had no records of when to end their bondage term. In other words, there were both slaves and servant. However, one thing for sure is that they were treated less of human by being denied freedom (Hyser &Arndt, 2011).

By 1640, it was clear that Africans were considered slave after a court in Jamestown declared that they should serve their masters in their lifetime. Most of the African slaves were sold as prisoners in wars while others were kidnapped and traded (Finkelman, 2006).  As documented, Arabs played a significant role in helping the Europeans and the American in ferrying the slaves from Africa to their continents. This was the most popular trade in the 17th and 18th century. It established rapidly and by 1700 America had over 25000 African slaves. This ended in the 19th century after black activists united and fought for their rights. As a result of the slavery, there was the birth of a new ethnic group with genes from Africans and Americans. African-American are descendants of the enslaved African captives between 1619 and 1865. Their roots can be traced from central and West Africa where slave trade had been established for three centuries (Curtis, 1998).

In the past years, blacks or rather African-American were named as American Negro. However, civilization enlightened American and erase racism and they began seeing other as a family but of different skin color. As we all know, United States of America are the super power and is among the top five countries with the highest economy. In addition, this is aided by their richness in cultures. Today, racism is a thing of the past since, and the Americans have gone ahead to elect an African-American as their president.

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