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British North American Colonies

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There were thirteen original British North American colonies but we will focus on New York and New Jersey in this question. New York and New Jersey were both middle colonies and Quakers was the main religion in these two colonies. New Jersey was initially occupied by the Dutch who settled along the Hudson river bank. However in 1664, England seized New Jersey from the Dutch colon and took over its control. The same year, New Jersey was incorporated in Charles II’s grant to his brother James who was the Duke of York (Roark 115-118). New York on the other hand, was originally named, New Netherlands in honor of the Duke of York under the Dutch rule. The settlement of the Dutch colony along the banks of Hudson led to a separation of New England from other colonies, and consequently jeopardized the English dominion in North America. This sparked conflicts between Britain and Dutch leading to the seizing of New Netherlands by the English colonialists (Roark 115-118).

Indentured servants were European settlers who bought their passage to the United States by accepting to work for their employers for a period between four and seven years, after which they were free to become permanent citizens of the U.S. (Bennett 15-20). African slaves on the other hand were people who were forcefully transported from Africa to various parts of Europe to work as slaves in the plantations of white settlers. Unlike the indentured servants, slaves had no contracts with their employers and were therefore bound to serve them permanently. Between 1650 and 1710, both the indentured servants and African slaves had relatively fewer rights as compared to free people (Bennett 15-20). They worked at the satisfaction of their masters and could even be traded to other employers. However, several changes have taken place since then. With the end of colonization which led to freedom of independence of various nations, both slave trade and indentured servitude came to an end.

Buy custom British North American Colonies essay

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