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British Empire

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British North America refers to states that were colonized by British Empire located in the north of the America continent; the most visible countries include Canada. The British colonies in that region date back before 18th century but the changes in economic, demographic, social and cultural changes affected the colony towards and after the 18th century. The 18th century was characterised by industrial revolution which started in United Kingdom and later spread to other parts of Eastern Europe, North America and Asia (Leigh 22). Industrial revolution brought about changes in economic, political and social cultural conditions of the time (Hackett 21). It was the period referred to as the era of enlightenment (world, it was a period in which religion believe of was replaced by the scientific reasoning (Hackett 33). Advancement in people’s way of questioning what was traditionally believed to be true changed many ways of doing things at that time in history. These revolutions brought in the conflict between the rulers and people. This era occurred at different times in different places of the world, but is believed to have occurred between 17th and 18th century both in Europe and America. These changes affected the imperial contest of the proceeding 18th century and overturned the worlds powers forever (Leigh 37).

Industrial revolution led to improved means of production. These changes spread from Europe to America and other parts of the world. These led to new world’s orders and British colonies were now being lost to other emerging world powers (Hackett 52). This empowerment also brought resistance by the people who were colonised and may have led to America war against British in 1812 (Leigh 54).

According to Leigh (93), with the improvement in economic welfare of the population, changes developed in the demographic pattern and sizes. There started development of towns and trading places, People clustered along those places (Leigh 94). There was also increment in life expectancy due to improvement in people’s lifestyles and healthy facilities. This concentration of people improved communication, where North American people learned of their mistreatment and planned how to counter the British imperial rule (Hackett 97).

There was spread of various protestant churches from Europe. Those churches were not united and thus they worked to weaken those from United Kingdom .There were changes in arts and music (Leigh 102). This changed ways of expression and communications (Hackett 114). These improvements led to more people demanding their independence rights and thus weakening the Imperial ruling of United Kingdom (Leigh 119). Most of these changes brought enlightenment to the colonized population, changed economic and political power house from the traditional countries of United Kingdom to other European and American countries, thus leading to imperial contest of 18th century (Hackett 163)

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