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Assignment Four

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Question 1

Reasons for the United States’ Interest in California, and the Ways they expressed that Interest Prior to 1846

T he United States (US) had an interest in California because it provided the US with an opportunity to have access to harbors that were on the Pacific Ocean. Gold discovered in California also attracted the United States. By connecting California with the railroad, the United States would become a continental empire since Pacific Ocean would connect to the Atlantic Ocean. The US expressed the interest by attacking neighbors like Mexico (Sucheng, Spencer, Olin & Thomas, 1996).

Question 2

The Manner in Which the Californians Were Treated during the Gold Rush

When miners from around the world arrived in California, the Californios became a minority and were regarded as foreigners. Moreover, competition for gold resulted in dislike towards the Californios. As foreigners, the Californios were charged a monthly tax of $20 whenever they wanted to mine. Finally, the forty miners took land that belonged to the Californios (Sucheng, Spencer, Olin & Thomas, 1996).

Question 3

The Vigilance Committees and the People they represent

The vigilance committees had a membership of about seven hundred people that was operated parallel to the city government. The Committees represented miners’ interests; the committee had the headquarters where incarceration and interrogation of suspects took place. The committee undertook to investigate vessels and disgraceful boarding houses, deporting immigrants and, punishing thieves and pickpockets (Sucheng, Spencer, Olin & Thomas, 1996).

Question 4

Ways in Which the Railroad Influence California Economics

Railroad promoted California’s tourism from as early as 1870.  The railroad created a new market for hauling and rider business especially in the areas where it operated. In addition, oil boom took place, this was enhanced by the fact that Railroad companies during the time realized that transporting wooden barrels containing oil through boxcars was very costly. This informed their decision to cylindrical metal tanks that could take the liquids to all the places. The oil tankers remained revenue sources for along time. Finally, several California crops were transported through the railroad. Such crops included citrus, oranges, apple and pears (Sucheng, Spencer, Olin & Thomas, 1996).

Question 5

One essay selected in Chan & Olin's Major Problems in California History

Question A

The essay read

The Place of California

Question B

Reasons for Picking this Particular Essay

From the book, it is noticed that the Mexicans and American Indians were subjected to embarrassment, confusion and complex situations.

Question C

The Author's Thesis

The essay begins with a well articulated skepticism that consistently portrays enthusiasm, which laid the foundation of studying other cities like the Los Angeles its rhapsodies and architecture (Richard et al., 2001).

Question D

The Nature of the Article

The article was well written; in the essay, the writer foresees the growth of infrastructure and industry in California before, and after the World Wars. In fact he predicted that the most fantastic city would at some point, to be found in the region (Richard et al., 2001).

Question E

Personal Position about the Author's Ideas

I agree with the author’s ideas because from his predictions, it became true that the region produced some of the best towns in the world today.

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