Custom «American Conflicts» Essay Paper

Custom «American Conflicts» Essay Paper

This paper will explore the American conflicts in the seventeenth century including the various ways through which, different groups came together in conflicts and accommodation. The major groups to colonize and settle in the Americas were the Spanish, Portuguese, British, French and the Russians. There were several ways through which, these groups might have come together. These included trade purposes, religious purposes and forceful settlements, which were initiated by the state of origin (Douglas, 2000, p. 242).

Trade Reasons

The first Englishmen that settled in America did so for purpose of trade. For instance, during the establishment of the Virginia settlements in 1587 up to 1680, the main source of labor for the already existing immigrant colonies was slaves, who had come to look for new opportunities. Similarly, the chief focus of French colonialists was fur trade with indigenous people.

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Religious Migration

Roman Catholics were among the first groups to migrate to the American continent and settlers of Spanish or Portuguese, who were supposed to be members of catholic. Later, other groups included Anglicans, Scottish Presbyterians among other groups.

Forceful Migration

During the period just befre the European immigration in to Americas, the Native American tribes used to capture and retain slaves for use in their homes. In the period, about 12 million Africans are believed to have been migrated forcefully to the Americas. Additionally, many poor Europeans were migrated to North America as indentured servants.

North East

The Conflict

This region covered the whole of New England and New France, where there was the French wars and the Iroquois wars. The wars were fought in the North East America, mainly between the Iroquois who wanted to expand their territory of fur trade and the Algonquian who were backed by the French and occupied the Great Lakes region. The wars were very brutal, and the Iroquois won, expanding their territory to include such areas as Erie, Neutral and Huron. Natives in Ohio and Lower Michigan fled their homes and headed west to escape the wars (Douglas, 2000, p. 242).

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France gave up its control of most of its territory. This was spanning an area between New found land to Rocky mountains and from Hudson Bay to the  Gulf of Mexico to Britain in the Treaty of Utrecht.

The South West (New Mexico/Pueblos) Conflicts

The Pueblo people were largely colonized byy the Spanish, with many being forced to work in Spanish farms, as well as in the Chihuahua mines. The servitude alone did not directly lead to the conflict, but other factors like the droughts and famine as well as the European. In addition, the Pueblos were Catholics and were not willing to give up their faith, and this was the source of the Pueblo Revolt (Douglas, 2000, p. 241).

In 1692, the local Pueblo communities signed a peace treaty with the Spanish government through the Spanish war leader Diego De Vargas, with a condition that the Pueblo people would quit the revolt and declare Christianity as their only religion. The subsequent years were marked by rebellion by the Pueblo Indians and ruthless suppression by the Spanish, as well as the Pueblo resistance was defeated in the 18th century (Sando, 1992, p.34).

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Again, the Northeast wars provide clearer examples of accommodation because it involved ceding of entire geographical regions to warring countries. It also involved sale of territories to countries, such as the sale to the U.S. of the Louisiana area by France leader Napoleon Bonaparte. This was done in order to achieve political autonomy and end international control and war between European nations as well as the Americas. In contrast, the Pueblo conflict was just about religious views and the accommodations involved submission by the Pueblo people.

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