Custom «America’s Destiny» Essay Paper

Custom «America’s Destiny» Essay Paper

America was still a very young country which had gone through war in 1812 and it had a strong sense of nationalism and boasted because it had no restraint of any kind and was not concerned with the consequences of its actions. This was an indication that the country was headed for conflict. In the mid 1800s America forged its way westward based on the popular Manifest Destiny which was a popular belief that it was America’s destiny to expand across Texas towards the pacific coast (SparkNotes, 2009).

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In the 1820s Americans occupied the Texas region which was a Mexican territory and by the 1830s about 7000 Americans lived in Texas outnumbering the Hispanic settlers in the ratio of two to one which was a high rate. This drew cold blood between the Mexican Government and the Americans and to make the affairs more constrained the Americans declared their independence from the Mexican dictatorship. People trailed to the west into the Oregon country (Sparknotes.Com, 2009). They were escaping the American rule they and part of the settlers were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Founded by Joseph Smith in 1830 in upstate New York, the Mormon Church attempted to revive the pure Christianity they believed had once existed in aboriginal America. Because of their unorthodox beliefs and practices the Mormons suffered persecution. Their prophet Joseph Smith was murdred and then they were sent even farther to the west and they were led by Brigham Young in a trek from Illinois to the great salt lake valley then to the land that they called Deseret had been absorbed by the United States at the conclusion of heir war and they regarded the continent their birthright.

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Aggression with Great Britain

This is where the American conquest to expand to the west created a confrontation with Great Britain and A war with Mexico. In the book by Paul S. Boyer, et.al they say that the Americans expanded by use of force when the first president of Texas Sam Houston said that the Indians and the Mexicans had to give way to their Mighty March. It say the n after the election of President James K. Polk’s administration (1845- 1849) the United States increased its land area by 50 percent. The book says that it negotiated Britain out of the vast Oregon territory and fought a war only with Mexico. But in the further research we see that the Americans caused a stir when they chose John Tyler as vice president so as to get southern votes on the Whig ticket. But the Whig leaders never expected him to rise to full position of president in 1841. By 1944 Tyler had broken with the Whig party and his hopes for re election in 1844 were placed on a new finding and popular issue. He began pushing for the annexation of Texas a topic very popular with the southern people, but the North was indifferent and was not supporting the idea of adding a new slave state. Tyler negotiated a treaty of annexation with Texas but it was failed by the senate. The Democratic decided to nominate James K. Polk of Tennessee, who was also in favor of annexing Texas. In order to win the Northern support, Polk promised to extend United States borders all over the country of Oregon. This resulted in his victory over the Whig candidate Henry Clay but narrowly. But this turn of events was interpreted by the congress and Polk as a go ahead to implement expansion. They annexed Texas before the inauguration of Polk as President (Paul S. Boyer, et.al 2008).

The Oregon conquest

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The definite reason why America nearly went to war with Britain was the Oregon Question and Polk. The Ownership of Oregon as a country drew heated sides and Polk was willing to split the area wit h England. The demands by the American Public for the whole territory angered the British the more in the long run they refused to negotiate with him. In 1846 Polk notified Great Britain that the United States could not agree to share or to joint occupation and England prepared for war but also proposed the division of the area in a treaty that the senate approved. The North condemned Polk for having not persisted in his demand for Oregon. After the war of words Great Britain shared Oregon with Texas.  

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