Custom «America in Vietnam» Essay Paper

Custom «America in Vietnam» Essay Paper

In the 1950s, America through its domino theory had wanted to turn all the countries around it into communist. This is when its influence up on the domino theory started in Vietnam. However, this actionwas met with high criticism. To be more influential in Vietnam, by 1955 America sent military special advisors to South Vietnam. The numbers of special advisors were increased to 1,500 in the 1961. The number further increased to 16,000 by 1963(Williams, 1989). The main function of these American special advisors was to train the South Vietnamese army in readiness for war. In 1964, some two American destroyers were killed in the international waters by the Vietnamese gunboats. This made the United States senate to give the then president Johnson the power to give arm support to the America’s army in order to help it defend the freedom of American troops in the South Vietnam. In 1965, American troops landed in Vietnam and that marked the beginning of the America- Vietnam war (Williams, 1989).

With the gorilla war tactics deployed by the Vietnam soldiers, it became practically impossible for the young unskilled American soldiers (only with basic) to identify whom among the Vietnamese was a soldier who was a civilian. It worth noting that, the Vietnamese soldiers unlike American soldiers had no official or uniform war cloth and employed crude ways to fight this war (Williams, 1989). This made the American soldiers to consider everybody including the civilians a soldier. The American soldiers considered everybody as a potential threat thus fought every Vietnamese. This led to the death of innocent civilians that was facilitated by both side of the warring armies. On the other hand, The Vietnamese soldiers killed the villagers they believed were in support of American while American troops killed the villagers that they considered friendly to the Vietnam soldiers (Williams, 1989). The death of killings of the large number of civilians was seen as an immoral conduct that was initiated America. The America- Vietnam war at some point had been considered a massacre.

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Among other things, American war to the Vietnam was at some point considered unnecessary (Williams, 1989). Moreover, it had been viewed as an act of genocide as Vietnamese turned against each other, which lead to the murder of numerous civilians and subsequent displacement of millions. The killing that made Vietnameseeach otherwas perpetuated by poor and unethical United States’ foreign policies. Moreover, the treatments given to the war prisoners were inhuman and undermined human rights. The American soldiers subjected the prisoners (the Vietnam captured soldiers) to maltreatment and torture. This made the Vietnamese soldiers to be frustrated; thus, prompted to fight unforeseen enemies. However, this war may also be considered just in the sense that the war was not initiated with immoral intensions. It was a war to protect the sovereignty of the American people living beyond its borders. Nonetheless, it was out of guilt (Williams, 1989).

If the United States of America were to involve itself inWar with Vietnam today, it would take a different course and different effects will be felt. Currently there are international laws and treaties that must be followed before a country wedges a war against another. Moreover, all the countries are protected by United Nation treaty. However, the United States has ever been a victim of not following the treaty, and gets into war with the claims of fighting terrorism. Nonetheless, killing of two Americans in another country (Vietnam) today will not send America into war with Vietnam. Nevertheless, if America forges ahead with such war, it will face international criticism of the highest order. Such war will not take America time to defeat since America has already developed sophisticated war machineries and ideas that makes its war with a country like Vietnam very easy. 

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