Custom «Workplace Hazards» Essay Paper

Custom «Workplace Hazards» Essay Paper

Sometimes it becomes hard for the organization to control some risks as they occur in the normal running of the business. Some hazards can only be avoided by stopping workers from doing their duties, and this means closing down the business (Cherrie & Howie, 2010). Instead of closing down the business, the organization should come up with some measures of balancing the both issues as some hazards are inevitable. Most of the risks that occur in organizations, results from electricity, driving, confined working places, fire, gas, skin and respiratory sensitizers etc. To keep the organization running some measures should be put in place to avoid the most common types of hazards.

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To begin with, for the organizations to keep their employees at work, and at the same time control the hazards, most of the organizations have made use hazard control programs. This is an outlined procedure of the necessary steps that helps to protect workers from exposure to risky substances or system (Hughes, 2009). This program also assists the management to determine the level of exposure of the employees to the risk sources. Through the hazard control program, all the employees are provided with the basic knowledge on how to control their exposure to risk areas. The program allows the organization to determine the effectiveness of the control system to ensure workers are safe as they execute their duties.

When deciding the best control measure to put in place, the organization should determine whether to use a temporary or a permanent depending on the type of the hazard. Before the company adopts a permanent measure, it may apply some temporary ones to keep the organization moving (Hughes, 2009). For instance, in case of noise hazards, the workers may be introduced to some hearing protection temporarily as the organization take permanent measures of dealing with the source of noise. Other ways of controlling hazards are through substitution, use of administrative controls or by use of personal protective equipments.

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