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Universal Health Care

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Universal health care refers to a scheme of issuing health treatment for any participants who are enthusiastic. The government normally undertakes the program using funds from levies. However, it is fascinating to note that the United States is the only developed nation that does not have the universal health care scheme for its people. There has been a prolonged debate concerning the implementation of universal healthcare in the United States of America. However, the question to ask is; does universal health care provide certain outstanding benefits to US people or does it do more harm than good? Therefore, the ultimate aim of this context is to give an argument as to why the universal healthcare system is important and has to be implemented in the United States (Jose Mosserli 93).

Argument concerning implementation of universal health care in the USA

I suppose that universal health care is beneficial to the United States citizens because of several reasons. To begin with, health care has become less affordable for businesses and people.  Some companies and people that opt to maintain their health care tactics still have to pay higher costs. Let it be clear that businesses only have some amount of cash they can spend on employees. If they are to spend extra on health insurance premiums, they will have little money left to pay for new hires, raises, investments, and many other things (Jui-Fen and Hsiao 78). People who must disburse more on premiums have remarkably small amount of cash to spend on food, rent, and consumer products, which means less cash is driven into the economy. Therefore, health care stops the nation from creating a robust economic revival. However, some people argue that government-managed health care would result in a reduction of patient flexibility. They further state that, at first, the process may seem to be effective for the patients as they are likely to increase flexibility, but with time the government begins to strive to keep the costs within the set limit because the fulfillment of certain actions is expensive to a large extent. For example, would elective surgeries that include wart removal, breast implants, Lasik eye surgery, and hair restoration be covered? The government may decide that the patients must pay for elective surgeries but then, who would decide what is elective and what is needed? What about the disease like breast minimization to avoid back illnesses? Generally, the entire process is too costly for the government to handle and the citizens are the affected parties (Mosserli 110).

            However, universal health care can be insured with health insurance companies for the majority of occupants. The number of uninsured citizens in the United States has increased to more than 45 million individuals although it encompasses illegal immigrants. The fact that health care costs are still rising, the inflation rates are causing several businesses to decide to stop offering health plans or to forward large amounts of costs to the workers. Those workers that pay higher prices on the other hand, opt to survive without health coverage. In other words, they decide to work without health insurance companies. However, surviving without health insurance never imply that an individual cannot have access to health care because there are several clinics and medical services offered freely to poor people. Nevertheless, the expenses that are not covered by insurance must be soaked up by all the rest of the citizens thus intensifying premiums (Jui-Fen and Hsiao 78). The number of uninsured people has been questioned in the sense that it encompasses illegal immigrants and individuals making more than $75K who opt to ignore health coverage and others who have some alternatives for coverage but decide not to get it. The actual number of individuals who do not have any alternatives is approximately 15 million and the government has to care for all of them. Therefore, universal health care is essential for the United States citizens (Mosserli 122).

Some individuals also argue that there is not even one government organization or department that operates professionally. Do people need an agency such as the US Levy Code to control something as complicated as health care matter? The response is “no” because when a person tries to imagine that there is any government department that operates efficiently, one may find such a department. Think of the department of education or any other office including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Social Security and Administration, Department of Transportation, none of them is running efficiently (Jui-Fen and Hsiao 78). This means that encompassing the universal health care system simply means adding another burden to an already heavy load for the government. Nevertheless, universal health care can help get rid of such incompetence as duplication of paper work, insurance submission, and claim approval.

When a person looks back and analyzes his or her life, it becomes clear that he or she has filled out medical history responding to similar questions for several times. The same case occurred while working with the insurance paperwork that is filled in and submitted several times (Mosserli 156). There is no doubt that the present health care scheme creates an enormous amount of overheads. All the time when a patient visits a physician, an assertion has to be issued, the approval department has to check the assertion, then checks have to be sent via emails and patients have to rush from one office to another to co-pay bills, etc. All this is a waste of time. Moreover, it can result in the delay of treatment of the suffering patient. Besides, each doctor’s office has its own record system, which they have to go through before treating the patient. However, the universal health care system will permit individuals to develop one unified system where there would be no essence of keeping insurance information or wasting time issuing assertions.


Buy custom Universal Health Care essay

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