Custom «United States Department of Health» Essay Paper

Custom «United States Department of Health» Essay Paper

The content from this paper is based on a case study from the United States Department of Health on the emphasis of the organizational structure where some of the topics such as policy, bureaucracy, accountability and effectiveness will be tackled. In the case study, one will realize the reason for choosing decentralization as an organizational structure, which is effective for the Department of Health and Human Services (Radin, 1992). The paper will also outline the political factors found in the DHHS that are found to affect its organizational structure. Finally, the paper will establish the important findings of the case study and the implications, which might be applicable in the future.

Assertion 1

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The first assertion is based on the reason for decentralization. This can be explained by looking at the fact that the DHHS decided to embark on this management approach to enable it become competitive in the market. Decentralization is applicable for the institution since it is applicable in the public agencies without having defaults in the future. This choice was based on skills, personality and experiences, which were exhibited by the staff members (Shalala, 1998). The implementation of the program issues that the department was going to deal with as the DHHS is seen to be a large institution. Therefore, this approach was very much applicable to them as they noticed that the program provided a centralized strategy of control. The Clinton administration established a strategy controlled by a secretary who had staff members who were ready to work with agendas laid on the table.    

Assertion 2

The case study contains some political aspects associated with the whole DHHS. Its establishment encouraged these political aspects after the Clinton administration took over. The individuals were loyal to the secretary and were termed to be experts in their fields. They were also able to operate in way seen to be collegial. They were later replaced with the people with the same capability and they never completed the two terms. The people who replaced them had political characteristics, which made them competitive (Radin, 1992). The first political characteristic is being knowledgeable.  These individuals were professionals at their areas of expertise and responsible in their areas. In their contribution to the program, they managed to induce research, administrative and knowledge, which is programmatic. The individuals later managed to build the political stabilities, as they were able to command respect from their constituencies. This also built their reputation among their staff members which intern gave them a long-term support as they supported commitment to the action agenda. This was later recognized in the 18-month tenure that was associated with their political appointments.

The second political aspect is based on their loyalty to the secretary. The staff in this department had no choice rather than being loyal to the secretaries due to the orders from the president. The loyalty of the staff remained vibrant to the secretary where they never had any occasion of conflicting agendas with the secretary (Miles, 1974). Some of the staff members were forced to resign after they disagreed with the white house. This was seen to be the main reason for personal commitment created by the staff members to have a common agenda with the secretary.  The implementation is also seen to influence collegiality and openness among in reference to the political aspect. This enabled most of the top staff members to develop personal relationship, which enabled them to work properly without differences (Radin, 1992). This was an important tool for them to reinforce social events, which were places to discuss important issues. The individuals that do not have close ties to one another have to be become hypocrites to fit into the congregation and show team work.   

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Assertion 3

The case study has been able to establish some of the important aspects of organizational structures, which include policy, bureaucracy, accountability, and effectiveness, which the establishment of DHHS was able to attain. However, one of the important aspects of establishing this program is based on effectiveness. The setup of the program ensured the focusing on the substantive issues, which would later lead to the effectiveness of the program (Shalala, 1998). This was made possible with the assistance of the secretary who initiated specific policies to the staff.  The policies change every year to enable the program experts prioritize on having a long-term establishment of continuity.

Conclusion and implication for the future

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The HHS has had the privilege of being lead by Donna Shalala after its establishment. This has been seen to be one of the people who should imitated in order to be crowned as future leaders of the world in HHS. On the other hand, there are some important implications, which the case study has provided and should be implemented in the future. The first important implication is the tailoring of the management style in order to be increase the strength of individual in relation to the predilection of the leader (Radin, 1992). This implies that it has always been impossible to have a management strategy, which has a single measure related to effectiveness. Rather, the strategy being implemented should be capable to be idiosyncratic and favorable to the managers involved.  

The second implication is based on acknowledging the responsibility given to the individuals responsible for the implementation of program, as they are the core of the entire organization (Shalala, 1998). This can also be explained by the fact that the staff unit, which is given control, is always the core of the program. In this case, it is the office of the secretary, which has been given the mandate to oversee the success of the program.  

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