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The Use of the Drug

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The abuse of steroids is also associated with the affecting the mind of the user in a manner that is profound. This is exhibited in the cause of the temporary changes in the personality with most of the users. There may be a case of aggression that is uncontrollable in addition to a behavior that is violent that is termed as “roid age” this is also accompanied to the severe swings of the moods of the victim. The maniac episodes as well as depression. In addition to these effects, the victim may be a sufferer of paranoid jealousy. Delusions, impaired judgments associated with invincibility feelings as well as extreme cases of irritability. At the time of refraining from the use of the drug, the users who have reached a chronic stage may exhibit some symptoms of withdrawal that are responsible for the intensification of the psychological effects (Sherwood, 2008).

Although the users may experience an increase in the bulk of the muscles, strength as well as endurance, there is no possibility for the increase of agility as a result of the use of steroids. This also applies to the skills in athletics in addition to the cardiovascular capacity which are the factors that contribute to the enhancement of performance. There is likewise on evidence that conclusively upraises the decrease in the time of recovery as a result of the use of steroids. Some of the research has identified that the abuse of the drug is responsible for hampering the usual process that is associated with the healing of the wound (Sherwood, 2008).

Considering the facts that have been highlighted, it is evident that there is an additional need for research in an effort of enhancing the solutions that have so far been identified although they are still associated with a significant magnitude of validity. Due to the side effects of the use of the drug and the possibility of the attraction of the use to the use of the drug as a result of the peer pressure there is an emergency to be acted upon.

Buy custom The Use of the Drug essay

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