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The Use of Steroids

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Steroids, which may also be termed as the “anabolic androgenic steroids” bears reference to the hormone testosterone of the male that, are meant for the building of the muscles, enhancement of the performance as well as the improvement of the physical appearance. The anabolic as well as the muscle effect that are associated with the drug are resourceful to the retention of protein in the body of the user. This is a building block that is essential for the development of the body muscles, the skin as well as the bones. The androgenic, also referred to as the muscular effects associated with the drug is a cause of the progression of the males deep voice, the muscle hair, aggressiveness and the facial as well as the body hair. It is however notable that the people who are involved in the abuse of the drug are at a high risk of a wide range of the side effects that are usually unwanted. Most of the unwanted risks are also associated with irreversibility. In the case of the use of injection as a method of application of the drug in to the body there is a high possibility of infection with HIV (Wright & Cowart, 1994).

The use of steroids in today’s society is an issue that is rampart. The stories that are related to the use of steroids have been at the focal point in the media. Their use is commonly reported in most of the professionals taking part ion the baseball players, the cyclists as well as the track stars. These are the most commonly reported cases and some of them have even admitted publicly about their use of steroids in an attempt of achieving an edge in as far as their competitiveness is concerned. The use of the steroids among the athletes is a possible cause of their exclusion from the activities of sport at the time that they are discovered (Wright & Cowart, 1994).

The problem is specifically serious with the young people who in most of the situations are exposed to the habit by the members of their peer. The most influential peers are the friend, the acquaintances and the partners in gym. The teenagers in addition to the young adults especially the males who take part in activities such as athletics are particularly exposed to the risks that are associated with the use as well as the abuse of steroids. This is based on they believe that they hold to the effect that steroids contribute in the enhancement of their performance especially during the physical activities ion addition to their general appearance. It is however ironical that the young people are especially exposed to the risks that contribute to significant harm in as far as their bodies are concerned (Wright & Cowart, 1994).

As an irony, the teens expose themselves to a situation of risk in relation to causing substantial harm in as far as their health is concerned. This is also accompanied with an irreversible situation of a transformation of their appearance in a manner that they may least anticipate. The effects are epitomized in acne, a growth that is stunted, and the assumption of the characteristics of female in young male accompanied by the characteristics of male in young girls. The extent of the research that has so far been conducted reveals the fact that the earlier the onset of the use of the drug, the higher iss the likelihood of indulgence in the experimentations with other drugs of similar kind.

The use of steroids is either in an oral form in the form of tablets or even the use of intramuscular injections. The use of the steroids is in most of the cases based on hearsay as well as gossip with respect to the determination of the most appropriate dosage that is associated with an appreciable extent of safety. In the case of the abuse of the drug, the victim usually use to the extent of using a great number of milligrams of the dose on a daily basis who is consequently not a safe level. The actual prescription of the doctor is in the extent of as little as 1 – 5 milligram on a daily basis in the case that the use of the drug is legitimate. Some untrue assumptions however arises to the effect that the use of high levels of the drug is consequential to some results that are favorable. This therefore leads to the use of a combination of the drug by the users which results to the phenomena that is identified as the “stacking”. The use of the drug in such cases is usually based on cycles in which case the drug is commonly used for a period of up to 6 extending to 12 weeks with a time punctuation of refraining from the use of the drug (Wright & Cowart, 1994). This is done for the purpose of the avoidance of a situation of building tolerance.

There are various degrees of problems that are associated with the use of steroids. Most of the adolescents are usually at high risk in as far as the behavior is concerned. There is a high possibility that they may loose some interests on the activities on daily basis in addition to incidences of energy loss as well as boredom. They are also in a position of experiencing some difficult times in the course of the limitation of the use of the drug. They are also prone to develop some tolerance to the use of steroids calling for the use of huge amounts of the drug in order to achieve the effects that are associated with muscle building. They are also likely to develop some problems that are associated with work in addition to the relationships with other people. The use of steroids is also a possible cause of the phenomena that is identified as the “male anorexia” in which case the victims are exposed to an experience of dissatisfaction in as far as their image of the body is concerned and fail to notice the changes that evident in the rest of the people (Wright & Cowart, 1994).

Buy custom The Use of Steroids essay

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