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The Menstrual Phenomenon

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Assignment #1: Below are the more significant symptoms I have experienced in the past three months: 1) Indigestion or stomach problems: I believe that my stomach problems were mostly due to my excessive consumption of oily and chilly food, and then immediately followed by cold drink, especially beer, alcohol and wines. Sometimes, other than unhealthy food and drink, gloomy thoughts arising out of improper reaction to environmental challenges caused a lot of mental stress resulting in indigestion. 2) Feeling anxious or uneasy: Sometimes, in combating with pessimistic thoughts apparently coming from nowhere, I experienced anxious feelings and uneasiness. 3) Irregular sleeping pattern: This is most likely due to the restlessness and uneasiness of feelings that I experienced in the waking hours and later manifested as irregular sleeping pattern at bedtime. This is the most notable surprise to me as my sleep has always been sound, profound, and regular.

Assignment #2: According to medical findings, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is a more severe form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), characterized by both psychological and physical symptoms. A close young relative of mine living in my house seems to experience a variety of common symptoms such as depressed mood, anxiety or tension, and fatigue. She also seems to have insomnia and wake up tired in the morning. Her study seems to be temporary affected as her concentration is not good. Moreover, she likes to eat a lot typically before bedtime. Nevertheless, being a very active and socially outgoing person, she seems to be able to effectively and habitually carry herself through moments of depression, anxiety, and moodiness as commonly affecting most women. In other words, though she appears to experience more symptoms than the average woman, she is found leading a happy life in spite of the inevitable occurrence of the menstrual phenomenon.




Buy custom The Menstrual Phenomenon essay

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