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The Human Epidermal Growth

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According to Slamon et al783 epidermal growth factor receptor that is present in human is a member the trans-membrane growth factor receptor. In the biology language it is encoded as HER2/neu.  It is evident that in the United States alone about 25% to 30% of the breast cancers that are diagnosed, HER2 is highly present in these cases. These patients with the over-expressed HER2 exhibited an aggressive form of cancer that limits their level of survival. This is because the HER2 cells play a direct role in maraud the body along the pathogenic malignant cells that cause cancers.

These revelations of the HER2 symbiotic relationship with the pathogenic cancerous cells provided researchers with the opportunity to investigate on a safe therapeutic agent that could be induced in the patients to offer alterations to this relationship between the HER2 and the cancerous cells. Research findings discovered that monoclonal antibodies that are produced in the body inhibit the growth of the HER2 cells that aid in over-expressing the malignant cancer cells. Therefore, these monoclonal cells could be used against them (Slamon et al784).

These anti-HER2 monoclonal cells, popularly known as the rhuMAb HER2 were produced from the cloned human IgG framework and engineered towards ensuring that they were safe when used in cancer patients with the over-expressing HER2 cancer aiding cells. In order that the medical practitioners could be sure that the use of anti-HER2 monoclonal antibodies could be clinically safe, test were undertaken on two trials. The first trial entailed the incorporation rhuMAb HER2 combined with chemotherapy in the patients and the second trial was based in chemotherapy alone. This research main objective was to find out the response rate and clinical safety of using the rhuMAb HER2 antibodies in treating the patients. After thorough scrutiny, the research concluded that the first trial as a form of treating was safe.

Buy custom The Human Epidermal Growth essay

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