Custom «The History of Texas» Essay Paper

Custom «The History of Texas» Essay Paper

In 1519, the first European explorers arrived in Texas. They found Texas inhabited by various Native American tribes. The Indians of Texas included the Caddo Indians, the Comanches, the coastal people and the Jumanos. From 1519 to 1848, Mexico and Spain were among the countries that aimed to colonize Texas

This essay will focus on the legacies of the Spanish and Mexican colonial governments and their settlers on the modern state of Texas. It has also discussed the aspects of the legacy such as the politics, law, society and home life.

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The legacies of the Spanish colonial Government and their settlers on the modern state of Texas

            Although the Spanish colonization of Texas was brought to an end by the Mexican colonial government in 1821, Spain left a noticeable legacy in the modern state of Texas. For example, Spaniards introduced the Roman Catholic rligion in Texas, and as a result, the present Catholic religion in Texas continues to have many followers. Almost all inhabitants in Texas were practicing the Catholic religion during the end of the reign of Spain over Texas. The Spanish colonial government precedents have influenced the laws in the modern State of Texas especially in the areas of family law, judicial procedure, water and land law. Though Texas practices the Anglo-American legal system, it has retained some Spanish legal practices which include adoption, homestead exemption and community property.

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            Spanish language is widely spoken and adopted in Texas. For example, several towns and rivers in Texas have Spanish names. Many influences by Spanish abound in Texas music, art, theatre and architecture. European livestock such as cattle, mules and horses were introduced in Texas by the Spanish in the 1690s. The Spanish farmers also introduced irrigation and tilling to the land and, as a result, changed the landscape of Texas.

The legacies of the Mexican colonial Government and their seettlers on the modern state of Texas

In 1821, Mexicans freed the rule of Spanish and began to create its own government. The Mexican colonial government and their settlers left a noticeable legacy on the modern state of Texas. The constitution of the Mexican colonial government has contributed to the legacy of Texas constitution. With Mexican independence in Texas, Coahuila y Tejas constitution (1827) was introduced in Texas.

Many influences by Mexican are depicted in Texan art. The signing of forty-one impresario contracts by the Mexicans in Texas led to the emigration of many Mexicans to Texas. The Mexican colonial government and the settlers created a multicultural society in Texas. The biological origin of Mexican American people in Texas is traced to the racial mixture that resulted after the Spanish-Mexican conquest In 1820s.

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 The emigration by Mexicans to Texas led to the emergence of three towns in Texas. Today in Texas, there are visible remains of Mexico’s colonial government buildings. Some of the buildings include homes of the colonial officials and government office buildings.


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