Custom «The Cause and Effect of Alcohol» Essay Paper

Custom «The Cause and Effect of Alcohol» Essay Paper

Abuse of alcohol is a common behavior worldwide especially among the youth. It is as a result of constant and uncontrolled intake of alcohol. Alcohol contains a drug, ethanol that is responsible for most effects on the user’s body. The amount of consumption of the drug determines the level of intoxication. Alcohol level in the bloodstream is used to measure the concentration and effect the alcohol consumed has on the human body. Alcohol is a depressant in the human nervous system, but has a minimal effect if taken in desirable amounts. I most nations, alcohol is legal, with sanctions given depending on the culture and practices of various societies. It contributes to the gross income of nations, and if taken in good proportions, can aid in digestion. However, most users of the drug do not regulate its usage resulting to body harm (Yoshida 92).

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There are various causes of alcoholism in an individual, depending on the environment and social practices. Alcoholism can be caused by long term and continuous use of the drug. This makes the body used to it and does not function properly without intake of alcohol. When one has drunk alcohol for long, leaving it leads to some withdrawal problems, making the user sickly. However, this is not the case for people who drink in reasonable amounts for a certain period. Alcoholism can also be caused by the environment an individual lives in, and the people living in his environment. In every country, that has legalized alcohol, some communities and areas consume alcohol more than others. People living in the areas are more vulnerable to become addicts than those in areas with low consumption of the same (Payne, Blum 54).

Occupations that individuals re in also tend to affect the rate of alcohol consumption. These include poets, musicians, bartenders, and security guards. This is because their work requires a lot of confidence and vigor that may not be achieved by a sober person. Most of the people in those professions use alcohol, maybe not to get drunk but to boost their confidence in front of an audience. It is also possible to inherit a predisposition of genetics from a parent or close relative, which may cause one to over consume alcohol, or become an alcoholic. The inheritance of alcoholism is comparable to the inheritance of diabetes. This is where an individual is not responsible for contracting the disease, but is responsible for managing it. Alcoholism exists in a person’s body but in controllable proportions, and it is in remission as long as the individual stays away from alcohol (Payne, Blum 92).

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Peer pressure has also been attributed as the cause of alcoholism in individuals. This is especially among the youth who are trying the drug, and later find themselves hooked to it. They start by consuming alcohol either to fit in a social group or to look coo, but end up being drunkards. Some emotional and psychological factors are also responsible for causing alcoholism among individuals. Depression, anxiety, or any form of stress can lead one to alcohol consumption to try and forget the tribulations. The psychological disturbance causes trauma in victims, and the only suitable way of coping they see is using alcohol to try and forget their problems.

Alcoholism is where one cannot function normally without alcohol. It becomes hard to quit for the victim despite the drug interfering with his/her physical health. In alcoholism, alcohol affects individuals, life, mental health, and relationship with other people (Yoshida 12).

Alcohol has several effects on the user, and the people around him/her. Although it varies among individuals, alcohol has both short time and long term effects depending on the level of consumption. Mild euphoria is likely to occur with mild consumption, and stimulation of certain behaviors. Sort term effects include slurred speech, poor balancing, and impaired judgment of situations, nausea, and lack of bladder control. The effects are over once one gets ample sleep, and consumes water for hydration, and often do not for last long. Intoxication of the body by ethanol is responsible for the responses occurring.

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Consumption of alcohol also has some long term effects that are more severe than the short time effects. Long term effects mainly cause harm on the human body, and are hard to reverse. The central nervous system can be affected by over consumption of alcohol leading to the body being paralyzed. Other than that, there are a series of other alcohol related illnesses that include heart damage, sexual impotence, liver damage, Brain damage, and High blood pressure. Long term and persistence use of alcohol can damage almost every organ in the human body. Dependence on alcohol is almost similar to its withdrawal effects, incase an individual wishes to quit the drug (Gislason, Stephen 112).

The main solution to alcoholism is a collective responsibility between an individual and society. Proper education should be given to people of all ages to avoid over indulgence in the behavior. The government should also ensure there are proper institutions and infrastructure, to handle alcoholism and its effects on citizens.

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