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Seasonal Flu Shot

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Teachers in schools face problems especially in the presence of a contagious disease such as the flu; therefore the flu shot is important in preventing the teachers from infection or spreading the flu considering the vulnerability of the children.  Teachers are also having responsibilities of mentoring young children therefore they have high possibility of spreading contracting the flu (Julie S. Downs, 2009).

Flu is basically a viral infection is characterized by pains in the muscles, joints and fever. The flu isn’t selective of age therefore it is capable of killing anyone of across ages.  Young children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to the flu, in the society. Therefore Seasonal vaccination is aimed at reducing the infection that the flu causes especially in due to its changing characteristics the flu shot is important to all of the population but the priority is given to the most vulnerable ones in the society. The children should be the first ones due to their low immunity. The flu shot is dispensed in two ways; in a direct injection and spraying. The vaccine thus takes a period of two weeks before its fully operational (Svan, 2010).

The children between six months and five years are the most vulnerable but the elderly vulnerability depends on their immunity systems. Elderly with frequent medication problems are also vulnerable to the flu for that reason, therefore they should be vaccinated. Vaccinating the vulnerable group alone does not offer full protection since there are important groups of people having a direct contact with the vulnerable; For instance teachers and the children in school. Their contact with the children frequently endangers the children whenever they come in contact with them (Svan, 2010). The schools frequent by visitors from far destinations are vulnerable to the infections. The military schools are vulnerable due to the diversity of their destinations for that case, the teachers and all the staff should be vaccinated against the season flu. Such vulnerable cases are among the outstanding examples for the need of teachers to be vaccinated against the diseases (Svan, 2010).

Teachers getting the flu shot can also be viewed on the productivity. Teacher infected may be forced to take a rest from duties for sometimes before resuming the duties therefore reducing the quality of education in the school. In the case of the European Union, the teachers and all the staff involved in military base schools are mandated to the vaccination. The circle however is extended to the homes since the parents might still transfer the virus to the minors while at home (Svan, 2010).

The transfer of the flu can only be stopped from spreading through the flu therefore even the healthy children should be vaccination. Parents are encouraged along with other members of the society having the responsibility of bringing up the children to take the vaccine as way of preventing the spread of the flu. Basically the teachers are the mentors of the children as well bearing responsibility of caring young children below the age of five years. Like the workers in the hospital, the teacher can cause infection to the children. Taking the instance a situation whereby a teacher of the minors is infected by the seasonal. For that case the children are likely to be infected due to their vulnerability; therefore becoming a risk to the health of the children. The spread of flu is very fasts thus all children in a class with a teacher infected by the virus can get the infection.

The logic behind the teachers need to get the shot is that in the hospital set up. It the hospital setup, the disease is prevented from spreading amongst the patients as well as well as the spread to or from the hospital staff. Safety in the hospital should also be practiced in schools since the spread of the flu in the schools is the same as the spreads of a pandemic disease in the hospital. In the hospital, all aspect of safety are taken care of; the patient to patient spread of a flu is prevented by vaccinating the victim. The nurses and doctors are also vaccinated against the infections from the patients. Therefore the flu is spread is stopped. In school, the same scenario is witnessed especially in the elementary school whereby the children are still vulnerable to any infection. The teachers should get the flu shot so as to prevent the spread of any infection especially the seasonal flu. It that case, the circle of the spread of the flu would have been minimized therefore leaving the school safe from the spread of the flu (Cream A. H. Wright, 2009).

The flu shot vaccine is sometimes defective to some people especially to the children of less than six weeks. Some other people are allergic to the vaccine therefore they should be prevented from the vaccination since the side effect might be too defective to the person therefore not all people are entitled to the vaccination. The effects of the flu can be viewed that though it is effective in most of the people, it can’t offer a full prevention of the spread of the flu. Teachers can be left in the vaccination since their immunity is high therefore when the children are safe; the probability of a teacher getting the infection is low however it is not safe for them to stay in am school environment without getting any infection. Therefore they should get the seasonal flu shot (Cream A. H. Wright, 2009).

Buy custom Seasonal Flu Shot essay

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