Custom «Reproductive Health Services» Essay Paper

Custom «Reproductive Health Services» Essay Paper

The areas of specific attention when it comes to adolescents’ reproductive health services are the sexual and reproductive aspects. The reason for this is that the most transitional changes in young people are in these areas. If the changes occurring are not given the necessary attention they may cause health problems in the young people. One of the reason why it’s important to focus on this aspect is the behavior of the young people which posses much danger to their reproductive health. From a distant, young adults and adolescents from appear healthy but this is not the case since research that has been conducted reveals that most of their engagements and behavior at that age is the main cause of premature deaths among the young adults. Some of the behavior engaged in by the young people which poses danger to their reproductive health includes; risky sex, all forms of drug abuse as well as sexual abuse (2).

Adolescent’s reproductive risks are estimated to be very high in the developed countries in comparison to the developing countries. Despite the fact that most adolescents look relatively healthy it doesn’t mean that they are safe because most of their behaviors and practices are unhealthy. For these reasons this paper is aimed at finding out if the adolescents reproductive services are effective in achieving there objects. Some of the methods that will be used in finding out the efficacy of adolescents reproductive health services include filling of questioners, interviews and literature review. Another area that will receive much attention is the diseases that are contracted during this age period and there cases. Since prevention is better than cure, and most of the adolescents ailments are preventable some time and attention will be dedicated to preventive measures.

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One of the main concerns of this paper is to find out if the reproductive health services for the adolescents are doing much in reducing reproductive health issues among the young adults and adolescents. Adolescents and young adults cover the young people from about age fourteen to twenty four. One of the reasons why this research is important is because about 60% of all deaths of young adults are as a result of reproductive health diseases that are acquired during the adolescent’s years. It’s true that the young people are the tomorrow’s leaders, for that case it’s important to secure their lives in order for these leaders to be healthy in the future. Some of the reproductive health issues being experienced by the adolescent’s girls and boys include early pregnancies as well as sexual transmitted diseases. Also many young people are engaged in drug abuse for example cigarette smoking as well as intravenous drug use which are usually not done in a protective manner.

One of the major challenges being faced in this sector is that there are no reproductive healthy services meant for the adolescents and in any case if there are some then they are very few in comparison to the youth population which is very enormous. Some of the key players in ensuring reproductive health among the adolescents are the reproductive health department, health cares and the world health organization.

In the recent years ost of the research that has been conducted has been on adolescent’s health. International and local organizations have been working on strategies which can be used to reduce the engagements of adolescents in misuse of drugs as well as engagement in activities that can put them at a high risk in contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. Drug addiction and STDS often lead to depression in young people and for this reason it is important to find out ways to prevent this in order to reduce suicidal rates among the youths. Resources needed for dealing with these issues are limited yet the setting of the community has much demand on effective health interventions among the youths. Much funding is needed for reproductive services that are effective to be put in place (1).

In the United States the health cares that are there at the moment have not been designed to meet the needs of this young people. Services that can help young people to develop good healthy habits as well as maintenance of there future relationships are lacking. Many adolescents end up with reproductive healthy issues because they are not able to access the necessary facilities. Many of the adolescents end up missing the preventive disease measures and other aspects that can play a major role in giving them healthy lives. One of the major contributors to adolescents health are the health care givers and because these people do not have the necessary services in place for them to accomplish this duty. It’s clear that, there are no effective services in place to offer reproductive health services to the adolescents (6).

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Due to the many gaps in the health services meant for the youths some strategies have been proposed and they can help in solving this issue. One of the strategies is allowing the adolescents to take part in the available health initiatives. It becomes easy for the young people to identify themselves with the preventive reproductive health measures when they are involved in the activities of reproductive health. It’s easy to identify the reproductive health needs of young people if it’s the young people doing this work. Some of the benefits accrued by allowing adolescents to participate in their own initiatives include; implementation of relevant programs, the challenges associated with communication barriers can be broken and finally the publication of the health initiative programs becomes easy (3).

In the past many people considered the unhealthy practices of adolescent as a normal adolescent developmental stage. These judgments were made on the basis that, most of the young people often look healthy at this point of life. At times the health care justify themselves for neglecting their responsibility in ensuring adolescents are accessible to medical facilities. The results that were obtained about the adolescent’s health issues stimulated the needed response and as a result there is marked change of the attitude on the issue. Some of the adolescent’s behavior like illegal drug usage as well as excessive alcohol consumption has put the young people on the spotlight as far as reproductive health is concerned. Some of the areas being focused include the disadvantages of early engagement in sexual activity as well as the repercussions awaited. For example teenage pregnancy and other riisks like contraction of the HIV virus or other types of sexually transmitted diseases (5).

The objective of this research is to determine the efficacy of adolescent’s reproductive health services. Some of the important questions that need to be answered during the research exercise are the as follows.

What fraction of the youths can access the reproductive health services?

How can provision of health service improve by allowing youths to take part in the reproductive health programs?

What percentage of young adults and adolescents have benefitted from the reproductive health cares?

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What are the adolescents take on adolescents health services?

The methodologies to be employed during this research include interviews whereby adolescents in colleges and high schools will be interviewed on the subject. Another way that will be used to obtain the required information is by filling of questioners which will contain five questions on the effectiveness of the reproductive health services meant for the youth. The remaining information will be obtained from review of written literature.

The proposed research question is determination of the effectiveness of adolescent’s reproductive health services. Acquisition of the necessary information will take three months. Interviews and questioners will be very effective in this exercise since there is an opportunity of meeting the adolescents and young adults on individual basis.

The expected results will include the impacts that the adolescent’s reproductive health services has heard on the young generation. Depending on the number of the adolescents that will be interviewed the relevant calculations will be made in order to determine the statistical information on the efficacy of adolescent’s reproductive health services.

This research will greatly help to determine the current situation of adolescent’s reproductive health services. This information is necessary for any further improvements in this field. Meeting the adolescents at the grass routes will steer much hope in them because they will come to a realization that there are people concerned about them. And this is important because they will be able to identify themselves with people who can be of much help during their difficulty moments. Once the organizations offering reproductive health service assess the results they will be forced to put the necessary services in place in order to fully serve the people they are meant to. Also the results obtained will be of great help in coming up with new strategies that will help in achieving the set objectives as well as solving some of the health issues facing the adolescents as well as the young adults. Some of the disadvantages include difficulties in getting accurate information. This is attributed to the fact that during interviews and filling of questioners some errors can be committed. At times people answering the questions are not sincere resulting to collection of false information. Financial challenge is bound to be another issue in the initial research stage (4).

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