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Psychology and Health

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This is the most common repeated measure design. It’s a longitudal approach where the subjects get many different exposures. Though it includes observational, I will be focussing on the controlled experiments which are mainly used in fields like psychology and health related areas. The experiments which are likely to be adapted in health care purposes may either be in random or controlled. If it’s random, patients are randomly picked and submitted to treatments and this is repeated for a number of times on the same people. Balance is one important aspect that should be considered when undertaking a cross over experiment. The researcher must ensure that all the people involved get uniform treatment in terms of dosage and duration (Barness, 2007).

In this case, an experiment may be conducted in a small ward with people who are suffering from obesity. Use of the repeated measure design will help decrease the variance of the expected effects of treatment thus creating a path for data inference to be conducted with fewer patients. In Repeated measures design, experiments are done very fast since there is less number of people to be trained. This type of experiment also allows enough observation because the researcher has the chance to monitor and watch how the changes occur as time passes by both in long and short term situations (Adrian & Martin., 2004).

The researcher may also decide to take the practice effect of the drug. This is done by comparing the performance of a patient before the medication with the performance after the medication. The researcher may then be able to tell if the drug has any effect in the performance of the subject.

Repeated measures design is preferable because it makes an experiment to be more dependable and efficient. Its ability to ensure low variability adds to its accuracy and there is a high chance of attaining valid results.

The main weakness associated with the repeated measure design is the inability of every participating subject to go through all the conditions included in the experiment. This may be because of time or location limitations.

The process should be accurate in collecting, analyzing and sampling data; hence the validity of result would be quite high. Considering that there are many different aspects of validity, which influence the validity of the research in general. 

The participants may be supplied with different questionnaires based on specific areas of interests. The approval or the disapproval of implementation of the program should be based on its merits and demerits as determined after conducting the research. All the participants shall be given their respectively informed consent for the purpose of participation in the research. They shall be informed prior to the research, the purposes, the potential benefits as well as the risks that might be associated with their participation. Ethical standards shall be considered in the procedures of the research.

Most existing drugs used to treat obesity by reducing appetite have been found to have adverse side effects on the users. This is because almost all of them are controlled substances that stand to be overused by a patient. Hence, it would be advisable for the doctors to be stricter when prescribing this drugs.alo research needs to be done to establish all the long term effects of using such drugs and the proposed duration that the treatment should be administered to avoid their abuse.

In conclusion, patients who may be using weight-loss dugs need to keep in mind that drugs alone won’t work effectively unless they combine it with a healthy eating habit and physical exercise.

Buy custom Psychology and Health essay

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