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Providers of Health Care

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Providers of health care give essential services in any form of health institutions (hospitals, pharmacies, nursing centers etc). The services vary a lot and could range from curative ones to preventive and they target either individuals or community at large. These workers can be nurses, dentists, pharmacists, dietists, midwives, physicians, pharmaconomists, emergency medical technicians, and many others.

Dental therapists emerged due to peoples’ lack to access the dentists; hence this job creation was to help in the disparities. In addition due to poor roads in some countries, they also lacked basic training for dental health thus need for therapists. Growth in the sector occurred with the sponsoring of students to take it as a specialist in New Zealand especially those from Alaska where the mentioned problems were prevalent. In the modern world the types of foods available and the habits developed has led to more oral problems in comparison to specialists to available. Generally, dental therapists have so far had a very positive impact in health industry: with more workers in the field the expenses in terms wages have reduced, and also accessibility by the patients is easier.  The availability of clinical care in the dental field has greatly improved because they carry out important procedures including: assessment of teeth, polishing, using teeth tools except for few ones and much more. However the cost of training is higher for a high number of practioners. With yearly certification, the dental therapy field is likely to be more developed in the next two decades.

Emergency Medical Technicians are those health workers that respond to emergencies in hospitals or even in ambulances. With increased road accidents, emergencies were on the rise and this is one of the reasons for this job creation. The growth in this field was significantly contributed by a vote by American Board of Medical Specialties that the emergency field become officially recognized in the late 1970’s. Implications of the EMTs (as commonly known) are very positive as endangered peoples lives greatly depend on them before they can see any kind of doctor. Financially, the wages of EMTs affects the health industry only to a small extend compared to the strenuous work they are usually involved in. Emergency Medical Technicians play a key role in terms of care making sure it is always available especially in cases of excessive bleeding. The services provided by the practitioners may increase costs in the medical fields due to needs and conditions such as oxygen and emergency drugs, in addition training costs for them is also quite high especially up to the paramedic’s level. The high rate of emergency cases will make sure this career is still available even in the next 20 years.

Medical assistants perform under medical doctors by helping them with tasks such as drugs and injection administration, checking up of patients’ signs and symptoms as well as recording important information about the state of the patients. In the United States, certification of Medical Assistants started in early 1970s by an organization of Medical Technologists. Certification by other bodies such as National Health career Association has helped in the growth of this job. In the health industry, sometimes, controversial issues may arise due the work these workers are supposed to perform, as they need to work under doctors. Some states may allow them to perform doctors’ procedures. Availability of care in hospitals may be improved by presence of medical assistants although financially more workers in the hospitals mean more money for paying them. The job is essential in hospitals and for their high demand, the future of these workers is bright for more than the following two decades.

Buy custom Providers of Health Care essay

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