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Principles of Biomedical Ethics

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Mr Harvey’s chances of recovering are high and the health professionals should base their decision on this fact. The fact that he has been improving is a good sign that he will be well if he continues with his treatment. The health professionals are guided by medical ethics, which guides them to make decisions, which are of best interest to all the concerned parties. In a situation such as this where they are in a dilemma and do not know whether to lie to the medical authorities in order to save the life of Mr. Harvey or to tell the truth and let his condition worsen, they should therefore base their decision on the medical ethic (Beachamp, 2001).

In this case, moral values are in conflict and the decision they make will affect either the patient or them. They should prioritise the patient’s recovery rather than the Medicare authorities. The decision lies solely on them as the patient is in a comma, and they will use paternalism approach to determine the best course of action. Even though paternalism has been criticized in the past, and many opting for autonomy, where the patient makes the decisions, it cannot be so in this case for the patient is in a comma. Unfortunately, they are not the only parties that are concerned. They are the ones who will influence the decision of the Medicare authorities to either continue or discontinue paying Mr. Harvey’s bills. Another option they can consider is to advocate for a change in the terms and conditions provided by the Medicare authorities, considering the fact that Mr. Harvey is showing signs of recovery. They can do this by finding outcomes that will benefit both the patient and the Medicare authorities (Baruch, 1988).

They can also use Beneficence which is the ethical obligation to do the right and good things for other people in according to their needs. In the case of Mr. Harvey, the best option is to lie to the authorities so that he can continue with his treatment.

Buy custom Principles of Biomedical Ethics essay

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