Custom «Prevention of Vitamin D Deficiency» Essay Paper

Custom «Prevention of Vitamin D Deficiency» Essay Paper

Vitamin D one of valuable minerals needed by the human body for proper growth has its sources to include foods like milk but not many foods contain vitamin D. Some consideration of supplements exists. Liver, beef and fish also do contain this mineral. The other source is exposure to sun light. Research has given it that 85-90% of patients are deficient of vitamin D; women are prone to this deficiency (Nancy, 2008, p 5). Reasons for this deficiency are; women becoming more of vegetarians, vitamin D usage during pregnancy for fetus growth, too much of obesity and women having phobia for sunlight. The reason as to why we can change this deficiency is that, availability of vitamin D is naturally available. Changing this deficiency prevents weight loss, reduces heart ailments, prevents breast cancer, reduces chances of c section in birth, promotes muscle growth in teen girls and to give birth to a healthy child free from cancer and rickets (Nancy, 2008, p 21).

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The interaction of Vitamin D in the body dwells on its regulatory ability to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphorous minerals in our body. The main role can be seen in the development of bone structure. Vitamin D is essential in the prevention and rehabilitation of rickets, a disorder arising due to deficiency of vitamin D. The disease called osteoporosis has its footage on this mineral. Administration of vitamin D is its treatment. Other kinds of body disorders which result from the deficiency of vitamin D include the following: osteomalacia (bone pains), hyperparathyroidism, and osteogenesis imperfect. All these ailments relate to the bone. Some conditions related to the heart result from deficiency of vitamin D. High blood pressure and high cholestero levels take the examples (Paul, 1998, p 28). Muscle problems, respiratory ailments, dental disorders, skin conditions, and autoimmune diseases are a borrowing from the deficiency of vitamin D. All these interactions dwell on its precursor hormone nature which is the building block of a steroid hormone called calcitriol. The mineral creates normal cell differentiation and proliferation, enhances insulin sensitivity and blood sugar stability. Calcium is dependant on vitamin D, and its low level gives low levels of estrogen that affects women’s periods.

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For any kind of deficiency, a relevant prevention measure is built based on the extent of the disorder. First, there has to be some awareness of its deficiency effects. The daily diets we take need to have a relevant recommendation and should not be woefully obsolete. Adults (19-50) have to take a required amount of 200 IU, 51-70 need 400 IU, and those above 70 years need 600 IU. Those who do not get adequate interaction with sunlight have low levels of this. Recent studies have also shown that adults should even have more of vitamin D to an estimation of 2000 IU per day. The other relevant tool to this activity of prevention of vitamin D is the testing and monitoring of vitamin D levels in the body. The kind of prevention course we put in practice depends on age, nutritional ability, and geographic location. To curb this deficiency, we have to take the following steps (Diane, 2008, p 10).

The most relevant of all is that one should allow herself limited and unscreened interaction with sun rays. This is appropriate in the morning and occasional in the afternoon with consumption of not more than twenty minutes for the light skin and forty for those who are dark skinned. The condition for sun bathing is well applicable for an altitude of 35-40 altitude, so we need to consider our place of residential. Eating habits should also be considered in the sense that we need to take diets rich in whole foods. Fish, egg yolk, fortified milk and other daily products should be included in the diets we take. Since the availability of vitamin D is still a puzzle, all the other cofactors that go with it need to be included in the meals (Paul, 1998, p 100).

Depending on the levels of deficiency, we need to do some intake of high quality multivitamin on a daily basis so as to cover some nutritional deficit.  Mostly, this is done especially to the patients who cannot get in control of their diets. Taking vitamin supplements is another measure at a rate f 1000-2000 IU daily depending on the results from the tests done. The administration of these supplements currently exists worldwide and is referred to as vitamin D2. The supplements are ready for use by the human body.

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A regular medical check up with a health care should be done on vitamin D levels. An optimum and healthy value should be of about 50-70 ng/ml of vitamin D levels and carried out by a professional doctor. The provision of this health care should give advice on addition of supplements on our diets. This is put into practice basing that the victim does not get into exposure to sunlight or in cases of winter. These measures are critical to women of varied ages and more so those above 50 years. Finally, monitor your habits (Nancy, 2008).

Vitamin D is not the only consideration for decent health, there are some other parameters to be supported and all need attention. 

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