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Parent with an APD Child

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The parent is recommended to acquire a visual attention program which will help the child to sharpen his vision. The family members should be informed about the condition in order for them to fully help that particular child. A parent is also advised to remove all background noises which may hinder proper communication. Background noise will always compete with the necessary information that the child needs to grasp therefore it will be difficult for such a child to figure out the important information being conveyed. Its important to speak to the child when you are close to her and avoid unnecessary movements when passing information because such distractions makes the attention of the child to shift to other things that may not be important.

Also movements have a tendency to change the voice making communication harder. The child may have an easy time if they don’t have to compensate for the lost words as a result of tone and voice variation. Therefore a parent should avoid increasing the volume of the voice because it will not yield any results. Therefore a parent is advised to speak in a consistent voice for clear perception of that information. The statements that should be spoken to the child should be brief, simple and not complex because people with auditory processing disorder have difficulties in grasping long and complex statements. In case a parent is teaching the child it’s important that the word is repeated severally for the child to master it before moving to another word. This is essential because many words spoken at the same time cause confusion and they may also make the auditory processing system in the brain to shut down (Roeser, Valente and Hosford-Dunn, 2000).

A parent should learn to repeat whatever word they have spoken but after some time to give allowance for proper processing of the spoken word. Procession of words becomes a problem if the speaker keeps speaking without any break. A parent can also train the child to cue the speaker before and after speaking. In most cases the child may only process two words in the first statement therefore a parent need to understand that effective communication can only happen through consistent repetition of that particular statement. One of the thumb rules that can be of great use is to give a child about a minute before repeating the same statement because by then you will be knowing if whatever you said was understood or not. It’s important for a parent to look keenly and notice the people that the child understands better. This is important because the people that the child has issues with understanding may need to make some changes for instance tone variation (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 2001).

Communication can also be improved by employing non verbal communication for instance the usage of pictures may yield some good results.  A parent can also combine spoken words with sign language because this will help a child to have a picture of whatever is being spoken. Phonics skills can be taught to a child by employing visual flashcards. In this case a parent is advised to start with the simplest sound moving upwards. This process may be very beneficial because the brain of the child can start to learn how to process speech. This system is very important to children that may fail to acquire or learn sign language because of the irritation that comes as a result of focusing on movements. Teachers can also be of great importance for instance they should ensure such a child usually sits at the front. The teacher can also ensure that he stands at a place where the child is in a position to see his mouth and face as he speaks. Auditory Processing Disorder is not easily diagnosed and treated therefore its important to develop the strategies which help to boost your speech procession if you realize that you have the problem (Foli and Hallowell, 2003).

Buy custom Parent with an APD Child essay

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