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New Health-Related Nonprofit Organization

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The consequences of aging are paramount as the elderly are usually prone to illness due to poor health. The clinical preventive services are critical to the elderly as they take advantage to in the practicing of their health behaviors. They prefer to engage with friends and family members so that they can remain healthy and reduce the costs, which are incurred in relation to health, in addition to living independently.

The component that is essential in keeping the elderly healthy is the prevention of chronic diseases, and the reduction of complications that are associated with it. It has been estimated that more than 80% of older people usually have chronic conditions with about 50% having two conditions. The infectious diseases are common among older people coupled with injuries, which have taken disproportionate toll. The clinic aims at the identification of preventive measures and reduction strategies of diseases risks and injury with the application of intervention that are effective (Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2011).

The population of the American elderly is predicted to double by the year 2030 for those aged 65 and above and increase to about 77 million. This increase has far-reaching implications for the national health care system. This is attributed to the unprecedented demand for the effective provision of quality health care and other elderly related services. Efforts by the public health in promotion of health and the functional independence are the critical strategies that are used in enhancing the health condition of the elderly. A large percentage of elderly people dying due to illness and injury related diseases, which are preventable. This occurs due lack of proper care, which accelerates the deaths emanating form preventable diseases. Elder people are more susceptible to chronic diseases, and this calls for proper care and monitoring of the daily measures. Heart disease has the highest percentage of death - 28.2%, followed by cancer with 22.2%. If proper care is provided, the number of these deaths could reduce dramatically, as this gets accelerated by poor eating habits.

Causes of Deaths among the US Older People above 65 Years of Age

Fig. 1 (Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2011)

Unintentional deaths due to injury and influenza have percentages of 2.2 and 2.6 respectively, and these can be minimized through the application of measures that reduce the risks involved. Therefore, the probability of providing the elderly with a service to take care of their health problems is effective as this will be the best opportunity (Self Help, 2012).

Mission, Vision and Objective of Home-Health Care Organization

The mission of Home-Health Care organization is the provision of health care and the enhancement of communities in the identification and implementation of effective policies, strategies and programs that promote and protect the health of older adults and the community at large.

The vision of Home-Health Care organization will be to offer home-based medical care to the older population, and promotion of their health behaviors in the improvement of their health status. This involves the approaches to environmental and policies to enhance their health choices, as this population needs to be cared for due to their susceptibility to chronic diseases. An appropriate health care system is not dependent of the presence of a hospital, which in essence does not provide an acute care in relation to the present environmental conditions.

The concerns of Home-Health Care are the provision of quality care with the specialization of the services and emergency treatments to the elderly who prefer to stay at home. These are the factors, which have adversely impacted the health of elderly, and Home-Heath Care organization will be concerned with health issues of the older people as they feel isolated from the larger population. Home-Health Care will review the health issues and will make sure that needs are met within the shortest time to their satisfaction (Professional Business PlanWriters, 2012).

The objectives of Home-Health Care organization are to promote healthy lifestyle behavior in an effort to improve the health of older people, as most of them are willing to stay home and continue with regular at home activities. Home-Health Care will provide approaches which will involve daily physical exercise at home. It will also promote healthy behavior, an example of which is to stop smoking for elderly smokers.

Home-Health Care will oversee an increase in the use of health services to ensure that the elderly are up-to-date with their recommendations of immunizations and promotion of screening for diseases like cancer, and the adaptation of the preventive services to improve their health.

The organization will be responsible for addressing the cognitive impairment of the elderly as it affects the health and care that presents key financial challenge. Issues related to the mental health of the elderly will be addressed. This ensures the development of policies that will be community based in the screaming and providing treatment for them. Additionally, the organization will provide education that is centered on planning of illness perceived to be serious, which will include the provision of key areas to planning for care of serious illness that requires advanced care.

The organization will help in the provision of affordable health care for the elderly, while providing a comfortable environment, as the patients will be treated at the comfort of their houses and in the company of loved ones. Home-Health Care has aimed at obtaining initial funding for the organization facility project through private funding charities and government fund support, and to collect the additional financial support through fund raising at community level.

Provide information in relation to nutritious food for the elderly persons, and educating on ways to adapt a healthy eating lifestyle that will enhance their healthy aging. Promote growth of Home-Health Care organization to become the leading facility in providing home based health care to the elderly in the region over a period of five years.

Programs and Services

Home-Health Care will be an organization responsible in the provision of home based health care services to older people. This is because the elderly are the most vulnerable to chronic diseases and injuries. The organization will also oversee the enhancement of effective strategies, policies and programs in an effort to promote the health of the elderly in the society through community health awareness and understanding of the determinants of healthy aging and intervention. The organization will create an environment and policy that will aim to promote healthy aging series. This online initiative will help communities in interactive issues, which will strengthen their ability in promotion of healthy aging.

Provision of data of user friendly online for the public health and professional providing aging services, and the general public that will use tools for examining the different health issues of the older people. This will help the state in the region to focus on the core indicators associated with mental health of older people with evidence-based programs. These programs will be used in addressing the health issues of older people to the community.

The organization will promote the preventive services to the community and other clinical partnerships in the identification of the core sets of recommendations to preventive services. This will in turn provide evidence and information that will be used in monitoring their application and descriptive measures to help in the delivery.

Home-Health Care organization will improve the care for the older people through the provision and response to vulnerable adults in cases of emergences or disasters. This will result in resource guides for local and territorial geographic areas. This will enhance provision of information that will guide the identification and protection of people with chronic diseases that increase vulnerability at times of disasters.

In an effort to promote its beginnings, the organization will integrate the health service providers to enhance the far-reaching promotion of quality health and disease prevention for the elderly. This will be done through research, health tracking and prevention to reach out the service in all networks. This will educate health professionals on issues related to an advanced care planning.

The organization will monitor the promotion and preservation of the quality related health issues for the life of older people home based health care. This will have an impact in the implementation of illnesses, which are achieved through collaborations regionally. This will prove the effectiveness of preventive measures usage promoting the delivery of preventive services to older people in the society.

The organization will promote the assessment and monitoring of the cognitive impairment effects up to the regional level in support of the development of new survey queries of behavioral risks. This will be associated with cognitive impairment.  Also it will help the policy makers in the important issues of addressing the impairment as a health issue. Home-Health Care will educate older people regarding the problems related to the lack of exercises. Some diseases become eminent due to the lack of proper exercises, so there is a potential solution to educate the elders on various ways to keep fit.

The professionals nursing services of Home-Health Care will monitor the health progress of the elderly and the provision of recommendation and medication to the health needs in the management of health issues of the elderly. The recommendations will thus be communicated to the family members to keep track of the requirements in management of the elderly illness and prevention.

The organization is determined to oversee the provision of reliable passages throughout the road network, which enhances walking of elderly people comfortably to avoid injuries caused by falls. The rate of accidents will be reduces as the passage is secure from vehicles. This is due to old age problems of arthritis, vision and the poor balance that make it difficult getting around. This pedestrian safety initiative will make the shopping of elderly and exercise expeditions safer and easier. The comprehensive approach to decrease incidents that are related to falls will be through assessing the hazards related to homes which are eminent, counseling of family members and patients on various ways to avoid injuries related to fall, and giving lessons that enhance muscle strength buildups and balancing for the elderly people.

The Market Analysis

According to statistics, it is estimated that the population of the older people that are above age of 65 years will increase two folds to 77 million. In addition, it is estimated that the deaths due to chronic diseases account for 6 people for every ten deaths, which totals to 17 million deaths per year. This can be reduced through proper health care services. The vulnerability to risks will see the need for health care due to problems related to illness, and medical services and counseling, in order to adopt a healthy aging (Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2011). These age groups are seen to be more susceptible to common and chronic diseases and thus Home-Health Care will provide health services in a cost-effective way. The needs of health care will increase as the elderly population increases, and the family members will try to provide an alternative to  regular health services for the elderly, like nursing homes (Nolo, 2011). This is due to the increase in the expenses associated with medical care and the economic situations.


The U.S. has about 3400 centers with an approximate of 0.5 million people, which are usually modeled as not-for-profit structures and 78% belong to this category. The majority of these facilities are controlled by the large organization as home care agencies with skilled nursing facilities, hospitals or senior association. The medical mode is the main competitor as it is based on the medical treatment for its members coupled with physical, occupational and therapy of speech, and sometimes the support of older people with chronic diseases like diabetes. The average cost of becoming a member is relatively reduced with about $ 20 for every session, privately owned facilities go for $19 per hour.

Most of the members are aged above the age of 72 years, 35 percent of which  live with the grown up children, 20 percent with the partner, 13 percent with relatives, and18 percent in the institution, while 11 percent live alone. Therefore, the home based health care will have an advantage in providing health care to patients at the comfort of their homes. In relation to the statistics of the population, it is projected that the number of these older people will double by the year 2030. It is quite clear that the current facilities will be operating in capacity. Thus, the need for a home based health care for older people will increase proportionally to population increase.

SWOT Analysis


There is the evidence that most of the facilities in the region do not offer home based medical care services to the elderly, and thus, Home-Health Care will have an advantage due to its unique service of offering medical care that is home based. Provision of home based medical care and information to community on ways of preventing and management of illness to elderly people will enhance the recognition of Home-Health Care. This will attract more people to home based health care services. This is due to the fact that not many elderly people like to be isolated from the society. Thus, most of the elderly will opt for the home based health services, which will be offered by Home-Health Care.

The organization is concerned with both the operation of its services, and also it may partner with other health care service provider in advocating the plight of the elderly in the society through research, monitoring and evaluation of ways to reduce risks associated with old age. The provision of home based medical care will enable Home-Health Care projections, as some elderly will be spending the day with their peers, in parks which will be made available to whole neighborhoods. The elderly will be visited by Home-Health Care professionals for check ups often and to be educated on various ways of adopting a healthy aging lifestyle.


Most of the health care service providers were established long time ago; thus they have gained recognition by the members. These services control a significantly large market share. Therefore, it will take some time for Home-Health Care to penetrate through the market during the initial five years plan of its operations. It will also enable them to gain substantial market share in the provision of medical care.

The facilities of competitors are much bigger in comparison to Home-Health Care facility, and the perception of luxury lifestyle is attracting more members than the health care organization under analysis. The new Home-Health Care will employ extensive marketing approaches to enable it to penetrate the existing market easily, which will be enhanced by its home based medical services.


Reports have indicated the rapidly increasing number of the elderly above the age of 65 years in the national population. This will call for the needs of the elderly to be cared for in terms of diet, medical care and physical exercise. The alternative in the fulfillment of these perceived needs will be health care facilities for the elderly, and thus Home-Health Care will not be an exception in providing medical care for the elderly.

The dynamic trends of partners in marriage and work have increased the mobility of people, which will result in additional family members opting for home based medical care to cater for health related needs for the older people. The economic stain will thus lead to them choosing the most effective health care services at the lowest cost to balance their economic needs.

The element of independence is an option for the older people being attracted to the home based medical care, as they need to continue with work at home, where they meet their peers for socialization. Many older people will opt for a home based care, as it offers the medical care services at a relatively low cost, and the aging place environment is conducive to aspect of communication with the society. The approach of indulging in community activities, which will be aimed at providing safer  passages to the society, and  extensive probing for the provision of resting benches along the passage and parks. This will create a positive reaction by the community towards the Home-Health Care services.


The government strict rule and other important stakeholders may have an adverse effect by increasing the cost of operation of Home-Health Care. This is due to the set levels of standardization of the organization. Centers, which were established long ago, and those operated by large companies have the advantage of accessing funds compared to the small organizations. This is a serious threat to Home-Health Care organization.

The slow economic growth could lead people in seeking to other alternatives rather than the home based health care for the elderly. Unattractive economic status can lead to a family member of the elderly to employ an individual for the home based care.


The funding of Home-Health Care organization will be approximately $ 2,000,000 to set the business working. Funding from the government and private charities is about $1,500,000, and the other $500,000 will be sourced through fund raising. The department of health and human services together with the department of housing and urban development are the main government agencies which provide funding for adult health care and the related respite care programs (Broemmel,). Another option for the provision of the fund is Medicaid, which covers fees through exceptional waivers, which allow the state to utilize Medicaid through such services. Home-Health Care organization will raise the $5,000 through community activities, which will range from events that include carnivals, volunteers signing up among other activities. Events of sporting will be sponsored to help in raising the funds, which includes fun running, marathon, and golf competition among others. There are other findings, which will be required after the initial investment to enhance the smooth running of Home-Health Care. Concerning the economic trends and the population increase of older people, the project expenses are expected to grow at an average rate of 3 percent due to environmental dynamics. The projected expenses of the first year of operation are $800, 000 that will be increasing at a rate of 3 percent in the following consecutive years for effectiveness and efficiency (US Environmental Protection Agency, 2011).

 The figure 2 below show how the expenses are projected to increase in the first five years of operations.

Year I


Year II


Year III


Year IV


Year V


Fig. 2

 The operating needs of the facility will get finances from the private charities grants, though not practical in relying on grants, fees charged to the members will be an avenue for expenses needs as there will be charity events, which will be held annually as this will be a reliable source of funding the program. There will be setting up of programs, which will be voluntary. This will be performed through coordination with the medical universities in allowing students to work in the centre for a fee. The university is entrusted with this task. This will ensure that the facility is sourcing some revenues, which will cater for its expenses.

Governance and Staffing

The setting of the facility is as a trust by which the member will have to elect a board of trustees, which will monitor the operations of the entity. The figure 3 below shows an organizational flow chart.

Fig. 3 (Hurwit & Associates, 2012)

There will be six departments created to control that the different aspects of the business are covered. There will be an assistant director who will preside over the departments, and will be managing the personnel, though the number of employees may grow due to the increase of the members’ demands. The executive director of the facility will be appointed by the board of trustees in overusing the operations of Home-Health Care, and making necessary decisions, which strategize the direction of the entity. The departments will be working in collaboration with each other to enhance the smooth running toward the achievement of its objective (Nolo, 2011). The department of development working together with the department of marketing will oversee the generation of community activities, which will increase funds for the entity. Coordination to other facilities in other regions will be initiated for the purposes of future expansion of the facility in development of other branches affiliated to Home-Health Care.

Marketing and Communication

There is a separate marketing department, which will be created in the Home-Health Care centre, which will be responsible for overseeing all activities related to the marketing function. There will be an establishment of the communication plan, which have a through the line approach to be used in marketing. This through the line is a constituent of the mix of activities above and below the line mix of activities (Cohen).

The primary targets of Home-Health Care are the older people above the age of 65 years who are willing to develop a social network and pursue healthy aging. The communication structure of the entity needs to be effective, and thus the need to use a proper means in messages conveyed. The actions of Home-Health Care are the communicators as the service offered is intangible, and thus, trust will be the ultimate indicator of an effective communication.

Communication above the line is with magazines and newspapers for the elderly people and the activities of below the line include direct communication through in-store promotions. This is due to a high turnover of people in this area. The advertisement needs to convey a message, which depicts the quality environment provided by Home-Health Care for the elderly.

Success Measure

The department of development will have the responsibility of carrying out evaluations of the program’s progress. The evaluation will be done on a quarterly basis to enhance the tracking of the progress path. Although there will be informal evaluations on the monthly basis, the main responsibility of the evaluation is the development of departments in relation to what they contribute to the entity. The department of finance will have to oversee that the financial goals are achieved comparing to their projection. This will be the guide toward the objective.

The members of the center are also another form to use in determining the entity success. The members will be evaluated on how useful the services are provided toward the attainment of their needs.  This survey will be conducted twice a year in a type of a formal interview with the members and the families of the elderly people. The administrative staff will also have to be surveyed concerning the effectiveness of the facility and comment on the areas that require improvements. The comments of the administrative staffs will used as a guide in monitoring the progress of Home-Health Care. The employees will be evaluated on the capability of their human resource needs satisfaction. There will be the evaluation of the employees turnover, and management of conflicts, as this analysis will be done by employing qualitative analysis survey.

The management of the Home-Health is crucial in running and monitoring of the financial performance. The analysis of management is done to the extent by which the objectives of the financing are met. During the financial year the results are evaluated on a quarterly basis, and the growth of revenues in relation to the projected estimate and the actual revenue realized. The quality of management is an essential aspect in the running of Home-Health Care smoothly. The quality of services should conform to the standards set in comparison to its processes.

The Success Factors

The success of any business entity, either private or public, is the existence of factors that determine this success, which are most important to the service businesses. Home-Health Care organization will adapt and maintain the highest standards to the elderly through the provision of the best environment free of any prevalent hazards. The standards of the Home-Health services will be in conformity to the laid down standards by the government, thus, dealing to any eminent problem in order to avoid the occurrence of hazards. It will oversee that safe passage for the elderly that has been constructed to enable ease of movement of elderly people, and construction of houses comfortable for the elderly and safe for all from children to the ageing.

The projections of financial, cash flows and the profit margins should not be exhausted midway of its operations as this will prove inefficiency leading to negative publicity and the loss of brand image. The facility management team will ensure that the actual financing is in conformity to the projection of running the operations of the facility. This will ensure absolutely no misuse of resources as all expenses will reflect the budget projected for the period of operation.

There will be a need to continuously evaluate the programs using techniques that will add value to the maximum satisfaction of its customers. There will be also innovation of programs in relation to the perceived needs of customers. This ensures that the facility conforms to the dynamics of its environment. The marketing strategies, which are employed, must be strong and cohesive in communicating the message to the target market effectively. The trust of the community towards the facility will enhance the realization of its mission, visions and objective thus, increasing the brand image loyalty.

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