Custom «Medical Marijuana» Essay Paper

Custom «Medical Marijuana» Essay Paper

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug obtained from the dried flowers and leaves of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). Currently, many governments around the world consider it illegal including the United States of America federal government which has categorized it as Schedule I substance, terming it as having “a high potential for abuse” and no currently accepted medical use” (Bruin Humanist Forum, 1).  Many classified Marijuana together with hard drugs such as LSD and opium although studies indicate that marijuana is not as dangerous as it has been made to appear in the eyes of the public. Over the recent past, there has been controversy surrounding the use of marijuana for various medical purposes with debate raging in both medical and political arena over its safety. Even though it is argued against on the basis of the social stigma attached to its recreational use, the truth is that there are many positive sides of using marijuana and it is not a dangerous narcotic. There are very many importances of marijuana more that what people may think of them.

In support of marijuana, it has to be noted that this one of the therapeutically active and most beneficial substances known to man. If used as medical marijuana, use of drug cannabis as per doctors recommendations as an antiemetic or herbal therapy, it helps patients a lot. It is approximated that cannabis has been in use medically fro more than 4,000 years. It is therefore not in order to term a drug that has helped many patients for all these as dangerous and even go ahead and illegalize it to a larger extent in the world. Its psychoactive properties were appreciated long time ago as it has been confirmed from writings from ancient India, where doctors used for various ailments and illnesses. These entailed a whole all types of gastrointestinal disorders, headaches, insomnia and as a pain reliever commonly used in childbirth. Marijuana use has therefore for a long time been associated with positive use to bring about positive results as opposed to the views suggesting that the drug is harmful to human health 

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The appreciation of the benefits of marijuana prompted scholars to synthesize THC, the basic active ingredient of cannabis in 1970s to manufacture drug Marinol. Even though many people fought against and later restricted its use for medicinal purposes, there are those in full support of the medical marijuana(Jack, 234). For instance, the Canadian government legislation recently made medical marijuana more accessible to patients. Consequently, patients can now apply for own possession and a restricted cultivation license. Surely a whole government with the interests of its subjects first can not expose a dangerous substance to them and the fact it has been made legal even for limited cultivation, it is a clear indication that marijuana is safe for human health and it does not deserve to be condemned.

There are very few drugs that match the many roles marijuana play in human health. They range from relieving chronic pain and muscle spasms to reducing the interlobular pressure within the eye and weight loss (through increasing and restoring metabolism) to suppressing nausea. Asserts that all these are aspects of human health that any normal human being should experience and incase one lacks, then an illness occurs. Marijuana is the solution for all these and yet it can be easily and cheaply obtained. Other forms of medication are very expensive, making them a heritage for the rich hence to increase the accessibility of all individuals to such services, marijuana has always been the solution saver for its illegalization. Some of the reasons given in this paper is why marijuana should be legalized.

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