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Malaria Disease

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This video talks about the malaria disease. Joseph DeRisi explains that malaria is a disease caused by a virus known as parasitic protozoa which is present in a certain type of female mosquito. Common characteristics that a person suffering from malaria may exhibit are periodic febrile episodes, chillness, sweat, aches, nausea, and body weakness especially in the lower and upper limbs.  In many instances, a patient’s spleen may enlarge and this is very dangerous because it is not a physical symptom and patients may take some time to notice. In severe cases, a patient may suffer seizures and/or coma, which is very dangerous because it can result to death of the patient. Patients suffering from malaria are also likely to suffer from severe anemia – lack of enough blood, which in the long run may result into organ failure, specifically the heart.

Malaria still remains a huge problem even though it was discovered early in the1800s. This is because; the researchers have been unable to develop an effective vaccine to be used in prevention of malaria. In addition, many of the older ant-malarial drugs are losing effectiveness as the parasite evolves high level of drug resistance. Joseph explains that research for cure for malaria is something that researcher in the medical field have continued to put a lot of effort in the recent time. One of the common known malaria drugs is quinine. Quinine is one of the oldest malaria drugs to be developed by researchers. However, it has proven to be ineffective because of development of high level of drug resistance by the parasite. Another malaria drug which has been developed by the researchers is known as Warburg’s Ticture. It is made of quinine and other herbs.

Warburg’s Ticture has proved to be more effective in treatment of malaria as compared to quinine. In fact, researchers say that it the most effective malaria drug so far. Researchers have also been trying to develop synthetic drugs for treating malaria. Even though it is hard to conclude that they have not been successful in this area, we are still hopeful that they will be able to develop an effective malaria drug or vaccine through synthetic method. So far, researchers are exploring application of genetic technology – production of genetically modified mosquitoes that are unable to transmit malaria – as a biological method of controlling malaria.

Buy custom Malaria Disease essay

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