Custom «Lower Drinking Age» Essay Paper

Custom «Lower Drinking Age» Essay Paper

Many young people have been involving themselves in habit of drinking alcohol and even worse taking illicit drugs. Although it is known that drinking is not healthy for people, peer pressure has been a major factor that has driven people into drinking. It has been known that most young people have a tendency of binge drinking which is even worse. Many efforts have been made to encourage young people to engage in healthy habits regarding drinking. However, most of these teenagers and youths are ignorance of the consequences for drinking. They have in turn indulged themselves into bad habits of drinking every day. In this regard, this paper will figure out different authors’ ideas and information regarding underage drinking. Moreover, it will look into the statistics on the rate of drinking amongst young people who are under the age of 18 years old. 

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2010), many young people begin drinking while they are still at their tender ages. During this age, a child may not have a wide knowledge about the negative effects of drinking. Often, such children get attracted into such habits due to the pressure from their peers. These are friends whom they meet in the neighborhood or even in schools. On the other hand, there are some who have been influences by their parents into the habits of drinking.  For instance, a young boy or a young girl can easily copy what his or her parent is doing in the house. Once the parents are note in the house, the child does what he or she has seen especially for the children who have access to the drinking bars in the house.

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Underage drinking refers to the alcohol intake of young people under that age of 21 years. Such people are not allowed by the law to take any alcoholic drinks. Underage people are considered to be young children who are still under their parent’s guardianship. Hence, they are considered to be in experienced and cannot make sound decisions as concerns their life. In this regards such children are not allowed to drink. In addition, alcohol intake is harmful for human health especially in children. Alcohol intake in young people reduces and alters their brain formation. The continuous intake of alcohol may cause them to have a malfunctioned brain.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2010), children of the ages between 13-20 years have been reported to have taken alcohol in one way or another. The children in this age group obtain alcoholic products from non-retail sources that are known to them. That is they obtain the illicit drinks from peers in the neighborhood and friends. Further survey reveals that parents are also involved in encouraging their children to take alcoholic beverages.

Studies show that teenage girls take more alcohol compared to teenage boys which they obtain from school. Other group underage drinkers obtain alcoholic drinks from home in the absence of their parents. There are others who obtain the alcoholic drinks with the permission of the parents. In other circumstances, the underage drinkers re allowed to take the alcoholic drinks while their parents are drinking too. Other places where underage drinkers obtain alcoholic drinks is during events such as parties and other social gatherings. Other teenagers say that the underage drinkers obtain the alcohol from the parents of a friend.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2010), alcohol is one of the substances that is most abused especially by teenagers and youths. Underage drinkers are known to be the most active in binge drinking compared to the adult drinkers. Up to 90 percent of the alcohol taking people are young people. Other statistics on drinking by underage people state that 42 percent of the youth’s drunk alcohol of the same kind in 2009. While 24 percent of these were binge drinkers about 10 percent drove themselves while drunk.  Most of the drinkers in these categories were binge drinkers, and a higher percentage of the underage drinkers were 8th graders and 12th graders.

How to stop underage drinking in the community

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The effects of drinking in the young people have been severe and heart breaking. The society is slowly loosing young people that are very strong and can be very useful in the society. On the other hand, it is important to ensure that there is a healthy society. In this regard, it is helpful to consider ways of eliminating the ill-habit of alcohol abuse amongst young people. That is every person should contribute in this endeavor.

It is the role of the parents and guardians to ensure that safety of their teenagers and youths. Every parent should be keen to know that the child under their custody is well behaved and that he or she is not involved in any mischievous activities. Parents and guardians should also be careful of the friends that their children are relating with while in school and college. In addition, they should ensure that the underage children have no access to alcohol (American academy of pediatrics).

The society should also take it upon itself to ensure that the children are not involved in any ill-social habit at all times. That is all the underage children are supposed to be of one habit. This will come in handy as the young people affect and influence one another. As a result, the child who has poor social, habit should be dealt with immediately. It is also beneficial for the young people to engage themselves in activities that will enhance their performance in school. That is young people can involve themselves in activities that are will help them grow up emotionally. In the end each person will be able to improve on his or her performance in school and class work. Young people can also involve themselves in activities that build up the community instead of attending events that destroy their habits. For instance, instead of gaining up for a drinking session, these people can participate in community service or any other academic program. By so doing, people can be assured about the future of their teenagers.

It is beneficial for the society to be involved in the restoration of these young people. In this regard, the rehabilitation center, hospital, and anti-drug taking centers play a significant role. That is all the teenagers and youths that have fallen into the habit of substance abuse should be assisted to save themselves from illicit behaviors of substance abuse. This is because they are not taking note of the activities and the things which their teenagers are doing.

It is also helpful for the young person intending to quit substance abuse to get involved in other activities. Youths and teenagers have been known to be people that are energetic.  Hence, an adolescent would require an activity that would help him or her get occupied. Such activities include sports, academic work, or social activities. These will also assist in person’s realizing other abilities and talents.

Consequences of the underage drinking

Just like in all the other kind of drinking, underage drinkers also face consequences when involved with any drinking habits especially the binge drinkers. Most of such young people are likely to face the emotional, physical and social challenges (Windle 1991). Much often than not such young people develop a mental problem that causes them to be ineffective in school as the concentration level lowers. Underage drinkers become abusive and violent.  Alcohol intake is often associated with bad sexual habits. The young people who may be involved in heavy drinking may often have a habit of engaging in poor sexual activities. These may lead to in the contamination of asexual transmitted diseases.

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Research has also proved that the intake of alcohol by young people can cause a significant brain damage. Brain damage can result from the fact that the body of persons under the age of 20 is still growing. During this time the brain is developing both the short term and the long term memory. Hence alcohol intake is likely to interfere with this process. As a result, the individual in alcohol abuse at a tender age may have an increased chance of suffering poor brain activity (Medical and Social Consequences, 2007).

Apart from the brain damage, alcohol intake at an early age can, lead to serious addiction. That is the teenagers and youths who have had a chance to taking alcoholic drinks may result to be alcoholic addicts. That sad bit about alcoholic addiction is that such a person may latter turn to other illicit drugs including cocaine and marijuana, and later into ill-social habits.

The young people who involve themselves in the habits of drinking alcohol have a tendency of driving while they are still drunk. With the high influence from peers, a person can get in to a car and drive. The unfortunate bit about driving is that such a car is likely to get involved in a serious accident. In the recent past, 33 percent of youths in Illinois were involved in serious accident and most of them died in the accidents. Other accidents are those that happen after the young people who are drunk get involved in fights. 

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