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International Red Cross

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This is an international humanitarian campaign with volunteers, members and staff close to 97 million. It was founded in the year 1863 with an objective of protecting human life and health. (Haug 16) They did this to prevent and alleviate human suffering without discrimination.

The organization has over the years applied a logic model to plan and organize their activities using qualitative and quantitative data. Through this, they are able to save more lives and help more people since they are well prepared. Having a logic model has helped the organization to emerge a success all over the world. Red Cross is reputed for being the first to appear whenever there is a calamity. In addition, they use an electronic system to collect and store data. This logic planning process has enabled the organization to expand and spread throughout the world. Global Relief Technologies has been an immense help to Red Cross. This has been through their program the Mobile based Rapid Data Management System that allows them to respond promptly to emergencies. Hazard zone planning is also among the various planning systems Red Cross uses to ensure they are efficient.

The aim of evaluating this program was to verify the overall efficiency and sustainability of the organization. (Haug 25)The evaluation method used was an analysis that involved field visits to some of the provinces faced by natural disasters. The target population as determined using random sampling of the provinces worst affected by calamities like hurricanes and floods. Once the area was identified, the sample population was selected randomly and interviews conducted. During the visit, many people and stakeholders were interviewed, oral and written interviews ere applied. The analysis is ere required to undertake safety measures since they ere visiting hazardous regions. An example was that they had to consult with weather stations to determine the likely weather conditions they would expect. In addition, they ere required to it was crucial to hire guides since they were visiting these areas for the first time. These measures were extremely necessary in my opinion.

The findings of this evaluation were that the partnership and integrated project were applicable and guided by the needs of the community. In addition, they matched up to the theory that had been put across about the objectives and success of Red Cross. The evaluation concluded that the activities of the organization have contributed towards making the world a safe place. Most branches associated their productivity with the good and logic planning system the organization has implemented.

From the findings, it was recommended that Red Cross increase their personnel worldwide. They should also make it easier for the public to join their programs. This way, they will be able to reach out to more people in need. Improvements on their planning systems were also recommended to an up to date system that would increase its efficiency. This is because; technology is changing at an alarming rate and they need to keep up. In my opinion, nothing should be done differently in the organizations’ programs because the organization is a success.

Buy custom International Red Cross essay

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