Custom «Important Health Issues that Affect Women Sexual Life» Essay Paper

Custom «Important Health Issues that Affect Women Sexual Life» Essay Paper

Significance of the Problem

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Many women are being exposed to various health risks during conception, pregnancy, and post-delivery period because of the lack of appropriate information. Low birth weight of babies, nutrient deficiencies, malnourishment and other issues are common when mothers conceive without due preparation. Such cases arise due to insufficient information that can help prepare for conception and pregnancy through dietary and clinical measures. There are several factors women need to know before conceiving that would help ensure a safe pregnancy and effective post-natal care. This paper discusses several aspects that can improve women’s health to foster healthy sexual life as well as pre- and post-natal care. The significance of this issue is that many women are delivering unhealthy babies and getting chronic diseases from the pregnancies. Nursing professionals need to empower women to help reduce such incidences and improve maternal and neonatal health.

Pre-conception care aims at reducing the chances of adverse health effects in women, their fetus, and newborns (neonates) through the enhancing a woman’s knowledge and optimizing health before conceiving. Since reproductive capacity of most women extends to four decades, it is advisable that women are informed to plan and space their pregnancies to enhance a good health that can be accessed by adequate participation in healthcare. Most of the pregnancies have good fetal and maternal outcomes with a few resulting in adverse health effects. Some ducation programs that can be initiated to preconceiving women should focus on consumption of iron and folic acid supplementation one month before conceiving and consuming the supplements during pregnancy (Limbo, 2004). This has been said to lower the risks of experiencing defects related to the neural tube like anencephaly and spina bifida on babies. Other programs may include the control of glucose in the body, especially those with diabetes prior to as well as in the course of pregnancy. This reduces the chances of maternal morbidity, fetal malformation, intrauterine fetal death, spontaneous abortion, and neonatal morbidity. It is, therefore, important for women to be educated as it helps reduce the incidences of the mentioned conditions (Connor, Cheng, & Strobino, 2014).

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How the Problem has been Addressed in Literature

Statistics indicates that 30-50% of pregnancies are unplanned while in Zealand, an average of 51 girls out of 1000 at the age of 15-19 conceive every year (Michele and Paula, 2012). Many of the US women (50-60%) did not plan for their pregnancies although they were exposed to several risk factors. These figures give an indication that the majority of women are not ready to have children hence preconceiving care and knowledge should be conducted to all women. Johnson et al. (2006) indicate that 85% of all women in the US have gone through child birth at the age of 44 years while at 25 years old, nearly 50% of all women have had childbirth. This statistics indicates that women need to be educated of the risk factors before they conceive.

Considering that fertility in the US is 66 live births among 1000 women, this presents a high value for conducting education before conception. Risk factors like alcoholism, smoking, and the use of certain drugs among others increase incidences of child defects and associated risks to both a mother and a baby (Dolan, Biermann, & Damus, 2007). Education to women on how to plan for their pregnancy and babies is essential in preventing such occurrences. 55 % of women in the US are at risk of getting pregnant. They do not use contraception or are inconsistent in its usage, and thus can contract pregnancies and some STIs including HIV. Training and informing women on their sexual health is really important to improve their health (Michele and Paula, 2012).

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Successes and Challenges in Addressing the Issue 

This issue has been addressed by the government and health-related organizations contributing to women education before conception, during pregnancies, and after delivery. This has been made to educate them on the importance of a good health care of their fetus and neonates while reducing the chances of having poor health. The lack of information and laxity of the population has been cited as a challenge but with increased awareness programmes, most populations have been covered (Johnson, Owens, & Verbiest, 2013). It is, therefore, advisable for the governments, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to engage in educating women before they conceive.

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