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Human Resources in Healthcare

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Human resources are extremely essential in an organization, and it must be managed well. The human resource strategic functions include issues such as recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and performance appraisal. 

Management of human resources is particularly beneficial in health care to ensure the provision of high quality healthcare. Wages constitute 65 to 80 percent of the total operating budget healthcare organizations (Khatri et al, 2006). It is necessary to control these costs. The human resource has a relationship with other aspects such as organization structure, organization strategy, organization culture and clinical outcome. This is study between a university hospital and community hospital demonstrates this issues.

The university and the community hospitals had a separate human recourse director. The complexity of the system affected the responsiveness to the needs of departments. Human recourse management should not be uniformed and standardized in a healthcare organization. The university advocated for this strategy but failed as oppose to flexible system practiced by community hospital.

Strategic objectives are tremendously essential. It gives a clear and consistence functions in the human resources. The hospitals had no clear strategic management and hence unclear and inconsistent human resource management. Healthcare organizations should develop strategic objectives, and identify human resource strategies to achieve them.

Human management culture adopted in a health organization affects human resource management and performance. Both the hospitals had a poor human resource culture. There are five fundamental practices including competent chief human resource officer, competent human resource employees, recognized human resource personnel, full human resource department and integrated human resource system (Khatri et al, 2006).

Healthcare services are human offered. Employee behavior affects their performance. Human resource management should identify those behaviors that result to acceptable performance and come up with methods to encourage them.

Human resource management in a healthcare organization is complex, and it affects its performance. Organization culture, training, and well formulated strategic objectives are extremely prominent in human resource management.

Buy custom Human Resources in Healthcare essay

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