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HIV Aids

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HIV Aids has been one of the most feared diseases by the human race. Intense efforts from various medical centers around the globe have all been trials in vain. The disease has been elusive to the human efforts to come up with a way of controlling it. People known to have HIV Aids are known to be stigmatized in fear of contacting the disease. This has often been posed as a problem in the society. This essay examines the ways in which individuals with HIV can be protected and how the community at large can also be protected. The essay in a careful way examines the conditions under which security. The essay integrates this information with the use of four slides having simple language and hard to read.

Protecting People with HIV. It has often reported that the protection of the people already suffering from HIV has been a major challenge to most nations.  Laws have been enacted to ensure that those who are already contacted do not get to mix up with the rests of the society. Taking care of those already affected is the best way to prevent the continuous spread of HIV Aids. As a matter of fact the disease not being airborne can only be spread by those who already have been contacted. People who already have contacted HIV Aids should be empowered to enable them cope with their situation. The following are some of the ways through which individual empowerment can be carried out (Lyons, 2009).

Moral Support. Individuals with HIV Aids should be given some morals support. Moral support is quite important as it will assure the victim and him/her to keep on holding into life. There are reported cases especially in underdeveloped nation where people already contacted with HIV Aids spread the disease through having unprotected sex. Moral support and guidance if administered well ca n reduce such patterns. Through guidance victims who have already contacted HIV Aids will see the significance of taking care of their bodies. Apart from moral support, the individuals will also require some financial support (UNAIDS, 2010).

Financial Support. People with HIV Aids more often than not require to be financed. This is the case especially in the countries which are developing and whose economies are still young. The finances can be used to buy ARVs. The finances will also be used by the individuals for the provision of a balanced diet. The finances can be provided through government bodied or even non governmental bodies (UNAIDS, 2009).

The society. There are no specific methods which can be used to protect to protect the society at large. The people in the society should be taken through guidance and counseling and be taught on how they should avoid been contacted with HIV Aids. It should be noted that the best way to protect the society from being affected by the HIV virus. It should also be noted that fighting HIV Aids is a communal activity and therefore the society should come out clearly to protect the victims and embrace those affected by the Virus by supporting them. The society therefore should set up institutions which will be meant to serve those already affected by the HIV virus and as such the society will be protecting itself from contacting the disease (Lyons, 2010).

HIV Aids is a disease which has become such a sensitive issue in the society today. To help in curtailing the spread of HIV Aids there is an urgent need to support and offer counseling services to those who have already contacted the disease. The society should take the leading role in coming up with ways that will be used to empower the victims of HIV.

Buy custom HIV Aids essay

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