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Historical Significance of Obesity

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It is unbelievably true that one of the effects caused by industrialization is obesity. The link between these two cannot easily be understood until research is conducted from the 1780s when the steam engine was invented (Mark, 2008). Further development of the steam engine led to more and more invention. Many people could work for long hours in industries and in places where they could not have a nice meal due to work and time constraints. What was seen as poor eating habits for people working in industries and construction sites later became a problem in the entire universe. Obesity has mainly been linked to the consumption of fast foods. With these developments and the continued consumption of fast foods, people all over the world were introduced to a deadly killer. Obesity took quite some time before it was realized as a health issue. With industrialization and busy work schedules, people did not get time to eat well prepared foods. Fast foods were the easily available options. The trend went on and people got used to fast foods and began taking them during meal time even if they were not busy working.

To many, obesity became an important thing as it signified wealth and riches to them. This importance continued throughout the generations. This changed people’s lifestyle and eating habits. Obesity is so prevalent today because of poor lifestyles and unhealthy diets. People are getting busier and busier in their work places and do not have enough time to cook healthy meals. The same has been replicated in the families and fast foods are taken as meals at homes. Parents have played a big role in this as they have been feeding their children with unhealthy diet. Some people think that it is something fashionable but it has caused more harm than benefit to them. With advancement in technology, a lot of free time has been created and people have lacked exercise which would have been useful to counter obesity and its effects (Levy-Navarro, 2008). Generations that followed continued the tradition despite having seen the negative effects of obesity.

As nations of the world make an effort to improve life expectancy, research on the causes of obesity and possible interventions becomes very imperative. I have seen people with sedentary lifestyles overpowered by the threat of obesity. It has been amazing to realize how obesity has turned out to be both a health issue and a matter of national security. A simple analysis that I got from the society is that there are many more early deaths caused by factors contributed by obesity. As our young ones grow larger and larger, the projected lifespan gets shorter by the day. Technology has made many of our children lazy and in most cases, they have been found playing video games instead of playing in the field to have enough exercise for their bodies. Life expectancy in the universe has been affected by the ravages of obesity and apparently, we have not learnt anything from the history of obesity. 

Buy custom Historical Significance of Obesity essay

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