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Healthcare Disparities

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Despite the efforts that may be directed towards the fight against all forms of inequality: racism, stereotyping or discrimination or segregation, a lot is left to be admired in such fights. Governments have waged interminable wars on these enemies but unfortunately enough, they are still a nagging figure in the society. It is universally accepted that if there is any species that has been a victim of these injustices, then that species must be the woman. This essay explores the connection between systems of privilege and inequality in health and productive issues affecting white women and women of color. This will be achieved by citing examples of disease acquisition in them. The conclusion will highlight the government’s health agenda for the next decade. Contributions of organizations, support groups and clinics in addressing women’s heath issues will be handled.

The US has a long history of large inequalities in health as well as access to efficient healthcare between races. These have persisted from the time of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1966 when he termed such acts as inhumane. Though it is long since the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, the American health industry still harbors racial discrimination. Differences in health care include disparities in the quality of care grounded on race and the overall health insurance cover awarded based on race. What causes such disparities? Three factors contribute to them. One of them is the personal, environmental and socio-economic traits of various ethnic and racial groups. Another contributor is the quality of heath care that different ethnic or social groups receive and lastly the barriers they encounter in entering the health care system.

In examining the issue surrounding the white woman and the woman of color, disparities exist in their child mortality rate. Research shows that African-American babies have low birth weight when compared to the European-American counterparts. The mortality rare of the babies with the women of color is twice than in the white women. As if this is not enough, the life expectancy in white women is five years higher than in their counterparts. All these disparities are attributed to inequalities in the provision of health services. Many women of color and especially the African- American cannot access medical care effectively. A number of reasons as dicscussed below cause this situation.

Inaccessibility of medical services by a portion (of course not all lest we be pessimists) of American non-white women is caused by lack of medical insurance. Acquisition of a medical insurance cover is based on whether one is able to secure an employment that will provide for the insurance or one’s ability to pay for the insurance directly. This means that the whole issue of securing medical security boils down to one’s socio-economic status. Given that, most non-white women are disproportionally poor; this translates to their failure in accessing efficient care. Other factors that also feature in this injustice are the illegalized patient dumping, inadequate health facilities insufficient number of non-white doctors and a difficulty in obtaining prescription of certain crucial drugs. All the above, coupled with a myriad of clinical malpractices and usage of the non-white as control experiments add up to the disparities that encompass medical delivery in the.

What is the government’s take and agenda as far as addressing these injustices is concerned? March 23, 2010 saw the US president assent to the most comprehensive health care that America has ever had. According to this plan that is to be implemented in five phases in the next eight years, the first phase will see to it that children under the age of 26 years remain insured under their parents. Among the key issues that raised heated debate in this health plan was the increase in tax for the rich. This in the case of matters discussed in this essay will help ameliorate medical expenses for those in low socioeconomic status where most of the non-white women lie (The Christian Science Monitor 1-3). Apart from the above measures, communities and organizations should mobilize residents on the effects of health disparities and convene stakeholders like hospital CEOs and community health leaders as well as non-governmental organizations.

Buy custom Healthcare Disparities essay

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