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Health Issues at the Clinic

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There are several health issues prevailing at the agency that I observed among clients at the clinic. The majority of students come to the school clinic with the stomachache, little bruises, headache, allergies and especially many cases of asthma occur. I should not that there was no serious illness reported. As I mentioned above, asthma is the most often health issue observed at the clinic; then, it is followed by headache and allergy correspondingly. According to statistics given by the U.S. Center for Disease Control 2010, asthma affects nearly nine million children in the United States of America. It restricts the flow of air into the lungs and affects a child’s physical well-being.

I saw few cases of asthmatic accidents at school that occurred with children. After the conversation with two students, I got to know that asthma is also impacted by the weather changes. One of the students also proposed the special exercises that should be done to prevent the often asthmatic attacks. However, I suppose that it is very important to provide the good educational programs devoted to asthma attacks, preventing them and what exactly should be done during them. Today, there is a lack of education on these issues at school.

Service Evaluation at the Clinic

There are the logs of the students screened kept by the nurses. These data may be used for the internal (in the purposes of school and medical personnel at school) and external (for the parents, teachers or some committee) evaluation. So for this purpose of evaluation, the nurse is needs to keep the logs of all program events attended by the individual students and the log of the number of students screened during the screening programs..

I should note that due to the lack of education on medical issue at school, students may suffer some inconvenience. Thus, more studies should be provided, especially on the most frequent illnesses as mentioned above (asthma, headache and allergies.). I suppose that much attention should be paid for the students with some learning disabilities. They often miss classes due to feeling inconvenient and being teased by their group mates. The nurse performs a very important part in providing the medical services to students. So nurses should explain to parents or teachers on the illnesses as well; they should follow up whether the parents and teachers know about the illnesses and feel responsibility for the students. Besides, the nurse may propose the follow up programs after the students being few days at the clinic to observe how the student is feeling.

Evaluation of nurses at the facility is performed either by principal or nursing supervisor from the Montgomery Public school district office. During this annual exercise, the chart audit is employed to help assess how the nurse interacts with students and staff members. Much of this information used in her evaluation is solicited from the selected segment of clients.

Service Structure Gap

The Christiansburg Elementary school Clinic barely provides basic services to address the health care needs of the students and staff members. This school has the two main gaps – the lack of the needed service that may be provided and the lack of the medical personnel. Here, the childhood obesity is being a very important problem that is badly addressed. Also, more experts are needed to be hired at this school in order to solve some medical issues and meet the demands of students’ medical needs.

There was the ethical dilemma that I faced while being at this elementary school. Few kids came complaining for the physical injuries that their relatives (a brother or some other member of the family, e.g.) have done to them. These students came to the medical services and begged there to call Social services to inform them of the issues. I am wondering if those people (I mean the medical personnel at school) would call the social services or not. This still remains the big dilemma for me. Or they would investigate the real reason for such students come to their clinic and direct them to the psychologist to have some conversations there.

Buy custom Health Issues at the Clinic essay

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