Custom «Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Rules  » Essay Paper

Custom «Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Rules » Essay Paper

Privacy rules are rules that bring the standards of the nation to protect the individuals against medical records and personal health information that apply to health plans. It also protects them from those who provide health care in clearing houses and to the electronically provided heath care. They are essential in keeping the secret of individual health information away from the public, giving the terms and conditions to use and the dissemination of such information without permission from the owner. They also give the patient the mandate over the health information and the right to obtain and acquire a copy of health record and even ask for correction if any.

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Security rules establishes the nation standards that protects the individuals from electronically personal health information that is created, acquired, utilized or that is protected by a covered entity. The rule mainly aims at protecting the electronic preserved health information and the federal agencies which are covered entities under the health insurance portability and accountability act which must comply with the security rule that aims at protecting the secrecy, integrity and availability of electronic protected health information. The rule must ensure the secrecy, integrity and availability of EPHI which creates, obtains, trnsmits and protects against any reasonable anticipated uses or dissemination of such information, which is not in agreement with the privacy rule.

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Standardized transaction code set rules are regulation that are established by the expertise and are supposed to be followed when the rules and orders are being made. They act as a guide line to the formation of the actual rules. Health information management services information is obtained from the department of health and human services. This information is necessary in the implementation of health insurance portability and accountability act strategy. As shown in the context in a technological view point James is responsible for making sure that, all the health information is accurately gathered, kept and, protected. The information obtained from this department is useful to the chief information officer in decision making, which is of importance to the organization and the members of the staff. Clinical nursing services information is obtained from the department of health and human services. It gives data which are essential in the decision making of the department and the organization at large. The information is gathered from the various activities, which takes place within and outside the clinics.

Credit department is in the health and human services department and it is used to record all the transactions, which takes place in that department. The information recorded is used to analyze the performance of the organization which is useful to the members of the staff in decision making. Treatment is the provision, staffing or management of health care services and any similar services among those who provide health care or a third party with a health care provider consulting between the health care providers regarding a client or the referral of the client from one health care provider to another.

Payments are the various activities which provide health care services to obtain payments or to compensate for their services and for those of health plan to receive premiums for the fulfillment of their coverage responsibilities and give benefits under the plan. Operations refer to the administration, finance, legal and quality improvement activities that of an entity which is covered, that are necessary to operate the business and to support the main functions of treatment and payments. The chief compliance officer is correct because the information follows the health insurance portability and accountability act which gives the directions on how to set the rules and on how they should be regulated.

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