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I conducted an interview on health care system with one of the educators in a healthy facility in Texas. My interest was to get information about the current local care delivery system and the relationship between the community clinical system and the public health system, and at the same time explore the interviewee’s expectations for future health care delivery. Below are some of the questions that I asked her, and the responses that she gave back.

I asked her to comment on the current situation in local health care delivery system and she said that the situation is deteriorating day by day as compared to previous years. She said that today people are exposed to risks of being infected by various diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer but our health facilities are lacking enough facilities to treat these patients. She also added that medicine is costly nowadays as compared to previous times due to high cost of living (Tucker & Mahan, 2003).

Next I asked her about the relationship between the community clinical system and the public health system, and she commented that both are out to provide health services to the sick and both are non-profit making health care organizations. The difference is that, community health systems are non-governmental organizations while the public health systems are governmental organizations (Tucker & Mahan, 2003).

The next question I asked was how health care delivery has changed over the last five years and how she thinks it will change in the next five years, she answered that there has been tremendous changes in health care delivery over the last five years and that over the past five years, more diseases have come up that did not use to be common and a good example is cancer. HIV/AIDS prevalence has also gone up as compared to the past. This has put a lot of strain in the few available facilities and it is possible nowadays to find two patients sharing a bed in public hospitals. She further said that, the trend is likely to worsen in the next five years if our leaders will not come together and look for adequate health facilities and educate people on how to prevent infections like HIV/AIDS (Wagner, Moore & Aryel, 2006).

I asked her about the ways in which the hospital and its providers interact with the public health system and she said that the interaction between these two parties is positive, nowadays health workers go to the field to educate people on how to prevent infectious diseases like cholera, diarrhea and even HIV/AIDS which is very encouraging.

I also wanted to know whether there is adequate coordination between the public health system and the health care delivery system in general and she answered that the coordination was very poor. A lot of public medicine like ARVs that are supposed to be supplied freely are sold, sometimes public hospitals lack basic medical services like pain killers which is so discouraging. She said that this is the reason why most people prefer going to private hospitals, though they are expensive, they offer quality services.

The last question I posed to her was whether there is a health care delivery preparedness plan for a public health event such as an infectious epidemic or bioterrorist attack and she answered that in most cases, the health facilities do not prepare for these emergencies, the epidemic may break out and kill several people before the government put up measures to control the situation (Wagner, Espino, et al. 2004).

The educator concluded that there is a lot to be done in our health care systems so as to serve the patients and more especially those people with limited means to pay for quality health services. She also added that we should strive to meet the goals of the world health organization which is; all health systems should provide good health, responsiveness to the expectations of the population, and fair financial contribution (Wagner, Espino, et al. 2004).

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