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Health and Medicine

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There are two types of medicines that play their roles in my family. For health-promoting medicine, such as multi-vitamin, it provides the nutrients my body needs. And for healing-medicine, it might quickly remove my symptoms and restore my health. I believe in the treatment of medicines and healthcare of all kinds. My family’s members also hold the same beliefs or values as mine. This response falls under Dr. Edmund Pellegrino’s theory of “Hippocratic tradition” which is summarized as “tradition emerges from relatively homogenous societies where beliefs were similar and the majority of societal members share common values” (“The Theoretical approaches to Health Care Ethics,” n.d.).

If the sickness is a common recurring type, I would purchase medicine at the counter that has conventionally helped me to heal such symptom or consult my physician. If the illness is not a recurring one, I would need to consult a physician. I would choose the physician in whom I have confidence to cure my sickness according to my view. And my family members, though with different background and beliefs, would also share all my views. – Thus, this response would fall under the theory of Principlism where “principles were expansive enough to be shared by all rational individuals, regardless of their background and individual beliefs” (“The Theoretical approaches o Health Care Ethics,” n.d.). 

I would buy medicines at counter for normal cold or for headache. For chronic cold or headache, however, I would consult a physician. The theoretical approach to understanding health is similar to response 2) above.

It all depends on the types of medicine I take. For example, if I want to promote my health by taking health-promoting medicine, I would look at the contents of the medicine, such as whether there is sufficient quantity of calcium per capsule for increasing the health of my bones. For those common medicines such as pain-killers, I would not check on what contents are in the pills. In both cases, I thus place good faith in the medicines or the people who produce it. This response would fall under the theoretical approach to health by the Virtue Ethics of the Anti-Principalism that “emphasizes the virtuous character of individuals who make the choice” (“The Theoretical approaches to Health Care Ethics,” n.d.). - In the long run, however, the nature of my healthcare is overall very satisfactory.   

Buy custom Health and Medicine essay

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