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Forms of Similar Drugs

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The users of the steroids are in most of the situation prompted to use the drug in a combination of other drugs that are similarly harmful to them. These includes the classes of stimulants, pain killers, depressants, drugs that are anti-inflammatory in addition to other types of hormones that are viewed to cause effects of offsetting the side effects that are brought about by the use of steroids. It is however a paradox that the use of these types of drugs are a strategy for further escalation of the chances that adverse reactions will prevail. Most of the steroids are usually manufactured through illegal means. They are also traded in black markets and therefore the possibility of their quality control in non existent. They may also be bogus, mislabeled as well as contaminated. This is therefore consequential for the addition of the harms that are associated with the use of the drug.

There are however some cases where the drug may be used for medical purposes which a is a valid as well as genuine case of the use of steroids. The use of the drug on a medical basis is aimed at the treatment of diseases such as the breast cancer, anemia, cases of osteoporosis, hereditary angiodema which is a form of swelling disorder as well as endometris. There is however no use that hae so far been sanctioned for the use of the steroids in the case of the purposes of cosmetics or the performance of the athletics. As a result of the side effects that are negative in addition to the potentialities associated with the abuse of the drug. There has been a need for the classification of the steroids in the class of the substances that are controlled. These are usually associated with stiff penalties in cases of suspected trafficking their possession as well as their use if this is not on a medical ground. Most of the associations of the athletics, “International Olympic Committee”, included conducts the tests against the use of the steroids among the participants and in case the use of the drug is detected there is an imposition of a stiff penalty (Sherwood, 2008).

Side effects in addition to the complications of the use of anabolic steroid. There are varying degrees of the side effects that are associated with the use of steroids which are of a serious magnitude are are commonly experienced among the users. The side effects may be reversible but at the same time they may be a possible cause of a permanent damage. They are associated with the damage of the liver. According to research that has so far been conducted in the cases of hospitalized patients, there is an indication of the damage of the liver as a result of the use of the steroids. The steroids are responsible for the reduction of the potential functioning of the liver. There is a possibility of the bleeding of the liver which is a cystic condition that may be fatal. The use of the steroids has strong connections with the cancer of the liver although in cases that are rare.

They also have potential effects on the victim’s cardiovascular system in as far as the heart is concerned. This situation has however suffered from a deficiency of research but some studies in addition to some investigations have indicated that the use of the drug is a potential factor of risk for the damage of the cardiovascular system. This is accompanied by the problems of the blood pressure in addition to the lipoproteins of the like of cholesterol. There is additional evidence of the potential danger to the victim’s heart in addition to the high possibility of the occurrence of the heart diseases in addition to the instances of stroke and this is most common in the case of the use of the drug in an oral manner (Sherwood, 2008).

Buy custom Forms of Similar Drugs essay

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