Custom «Fast food» Essay Paper

Custom «Fast food» Essay Paper

Dimensions of Wellness

Charles Corbin of Arizona University defines wellness as a multidimensional state of being that describes existence of positive health as shown by the individual’s quality of life and a sense of well-being. Good health is important to every individual and it involves more than just good dietary habits. For a better health, there are 6 dimensions of wellness and they include social, emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and environmental health, we will explore them individually.

Social wellness

Human beings are social animals and thus need to build and maintain satisfying relations. To be socially well, we ought to increase our ability to interact with people and their ideas, accept and understand diverse cultural norms, enhance our interpersonal communication skills and adapt a positive image.

Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness is defined as our ability to accept and cope with our own feelings as well as other people’s feelings. Some of the symptoms of emotional problems like depression, anxiety or hopelessness may not be easily detected but can cause dire consequences.

Physical wellness

Wellness of the body refers to the compositions, functions, maintenance and functions of the body. To ensure good physical health;

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  • We should eat nutritious foods to help keep the body and mind energized.   
  • Avoid taking addictive substances
  • Arresting earlier illness stages by having regular medical check-up and taking the right precautions

Spiritual wellness

Being spiritually healthy is essential for the good health of the body. Spiritual health is termed as the process of seeking meaning and purpose of life. Our personal beliefs and values, our acceptance or rejection of creation refer to the spiritual health dimension.

Mental wellness

Mental wellness involves the ability to develop knowledge and skills, helping us to enhance our lives. Lack of mental wellness includes depression and anxiety. Mental wellness can be promoted by good physical activity, good nutrition, reducing stress and being optimistic.

Environmental wellness    

This entails leading a lifestyle that is respectful of the environment we live in. it involves respecting nature and everything in it and the people who live in that environment. Signs of good environment wellness include conserving energy, avoiding polluting the earth, recycling and conserving energy (National Wellness Institute).

Fast food

We live in a demanding fast paced life that has resulted in poor nutrition choices. Fast food has become the alternative source of nutrition that has fit into our fast paced life. Fast food is slowly becoming a staple food in American diet. Health exerts have been warning people on the effects of fast food. It is a known fact that fast food causes obesity and tiredness. I have been a victim too of fast food products and I have ended gaining 10 more kilograms and the doctor warned me that if I continued taking fast food, I risked my life.

How fast food affects the above dimension wellness

The National Bureau of Economic Research details how fast foods can affect our well being.

Social wellness

It has been found that the people who consume fast food love taking their food while watching television. Also, by advertising, media has the biggest role in promoting fast food products. The people who love fast food thus keep to themselves and watch more television instead of socializing and as a result may lack social wellness.

Emotional wellness

Lack of social wellness may lead to emotional symptoms like depression as these people keep to themselves too much or watch more television instead of spending time with friends. Such chronic diseases like heart diseases and cancer may increase anxiety on the individual and deprive the individual of his/her emotional wellbeing.

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Physical wellness

High consumption of fast food can lead to many chronic diseases and complication like obesity which may result in cancer, hypertension and insulin resistance. Most of the obese people cannot enjoy physical fitness as they eat unhealthy and cannot do physical exercise. We can prevent obesity by stopping consuming fast food products and instead promote healthy eating.

Spiritual wellness

Seeking to know why as an individual I was brought into the world will help one seek the deeper meaning of life and one’s existence. By appreciating that as an individual I was created in a unique way, we will ensure that we live a healthy life and avoid the use of toxic substances that will hamper my wellbeing. Therefore, this will mean a reduced intake or totally avoiding fast food products that otherwise may cause obese with its associated chronic diseases.  

Mental wellness

Fast food products will most definitely cause obese. Obese people are a depressed lot due to the fact that some will develop chronic diseases. The barriers to mental wellness include physical illness complicating the physical problem. The stigma associated with obese people makes it difficult for the disorder to be rectified and will remain a barrier to reach mental wellness. 

Environmental wellness   

Being of the fast paced society, most shoppers of fast food have their products in non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags. The bags never disappear but break into small pieces and wind up in the sea killing marine life. It is vital that we consider bringing our own cloth bags when shopping (The NNational Bureau of Economic Research).

To have solid guidelines for making healthier choices at fast food restaurants, we need to follow the guidelines below to assist in preventing obesity and having a whole wellness dimensional state of a quality life and a sense of well-being.

  • Control the potion size of fast food consumed
  • Being very careful when selecting menu
  • Eating mindfully
  • Ordering healthy veggies and deserts
  • Drinking enough water with meals
  • Reading labels always before buying fast food.


  1. Part B responsible decision making skills

Plan of action

Getting all the parties involved to ensure that the intake of fast food products is reduced or abolished altogether and encourage a low diet in fat but high fiber. In this way we want to eliminate obesity especially to the young generation.

Barriers to reaching the goal

It will be almost impossible to convince fast food chains to reduce the amount of junk that is included in their foods. We will partner with the government to impose maximum amount of fats that they can sell to an individual.

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Parent’s influence on what their children take and thus it will be difficult convincing these children that their diet is not right. We will try to explain causes and effects of being obese and use the reasons to discourage them from taking fast food products. 

Background research

Research done by Grier et al. (2007) shows that childhood obesity has become a major concern in our society as the rates of obesity among school going children has more than doubled in the past few years. Obese is associated with some chronic diseases and thus this is a public concern. As the society searches for solutions to this problem, food marketing and especially fast food products have come under close scrutiny. Advertisements on television have been targeting these young children.      

Recommended fat intake

Fast food contains a lot of unnecessary calories with little nutritional value. To avoid taking unnecessary fats, instead we suggest making own sweets in form of carrot cookies, trail mixes and fruits instead of taking fast food products. Nutritional meals are also essential.   

In conclusion, I believe that by avoiding fast foods, we will live an abundant and healthy lifestyle able to enjoy all health dimensions. We can also avoid such conditions like obese which lead to chronic diseases. Although it may be hard to convince the fast food outlets on the consequences of fast food especially on teenagers, we should try to petition the government to ensure that the outlets have a maximum output on their packages.

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