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Drugs that help in enhancing loss of appetite have been found suitable in helping obese patients to reduce and maintain a health body weight. However, these drugs are not and should never be treated as an equivalent of a balanced diet or body exercise .The effectiveness if these drugs have proven to be linked to a well balanced diet and physical exercise (Peeters & Laurie., 2007).

Its one of the most recent drug discovered and approved by FDA to be effective in decreasing appetite thus leading to loss of weight especially for obese patients. It works in the stomach and in the duodenum by hindering the digestion of fat by 30 percent. Unlike other drugs, it has no effect on the brain and this is its main strength since it’s very safe for people suffering from hypertension and has less heart risks (Peeters & Laurie., 2007).

Also it can be used over a long period of time unlike other drugs which are normally for short time use. If a person with obese is given this medication, it will help in eliminating all the excessive fats in his/her body but in additional to the drug, fatty foods are discouraged and physical exercise is emphasised on (Adrian & Martin., 2004).

It can be used for a long period of time

Safe and preferable for people who may be suffering from heart problems or diabetes

Has no effect on the brain which may be dangerous to a patient’s health.

It’s the only drug that has been found to be harmless when used for obese patients who are under the age of eighteen years.

It is approved in case where an obese patient is in a critical condition.

Xenical drug is said to help in lowering cholesterol in the body thus cancels the chance of getting a heart disease.

Have a good effect on sugar and body chemicals and this reduces the chances of getting diabetes.

Use of the Xenical drug to decrease appetite in order to treat obesity have been found to have some weaknesses on those that use them.

Such negative effects include: slight headpains, feeling dizzy, anxiety and feeling restless.

The use of this drug may also result to an increase in the bowel movement and frequent visit to the latrine if the patient fails to avoid fatty foots.

This is a type of study where similar measures are taken severally on similar objects but under different circumstances. For instance, to test on the effects and efficiency of Xenical on obese patients, a patient’s weight may be measured after a using the drug for a certain period of time and compare it to when they take another drug such as; Meridia for the same purpose. 

Buy custom Drugs essay

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