Custom «Drink Healthy Corporation» Essay Paper

Custom «Drink Healthy Corporation» Essay Paper

The target audience for this proposal is high schools students and this is so because of many reasons. To begin with, most high school students are at their adolescent stage, and most of them consume a lot of food and drinks. They therefore purchase lots of these foods and beverages from different people; some of these might be a potential danger to their health.  A study published in 2005 showed that high school children in the United States consume a lot of light soft drinks. The study put the consumption frequency of these drinks at 82% (Vereecken, 2005). Secondly, high school students have the knowledge and an understanding of their health. This is because most district high schools always recommend that their students take a compulsory course on health matter before their graduation. Undertaking such an exercise in schools will give these students a chance to put the theory they learn in health classes into practice. Such practice is meant to equip the students with even more know-how on healthy eating habits which should be improved and maintained even into adulthood (Vereecken, 2005).

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Another reason for choosing high school is that rapid growth takes place during adolescence, and the bodily features acquired during adolescence always determine the future wellbeing of an individual. Therefore, it is important to povide healthy foods to students and inform them on healthy matters so that their body parts develop in a healthy manner (Vereecken, 2005). Lastly, high school students often interact with various individuals; one will find that they have friends in school, their family members and many other social places. This means that if they are educated on healthy eating habits, they are most likely able to pass this information to many other individuals who will indirectly benefit in this project. Our proposal would be unique as we would provide stands and mobile shops around the school. We will also provide training services during public and athletic events in the school. 

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Job Opportunities for Students

Providing job opportunities equips them with knowledge and gives them an opportunity to practice what they have learnt. It also ensures that they act responsibly on the tasks they are allocated and this ensures that they are conscious of what they indulge in. Job opportunities also improve the students’ capability to help others and learn from them. Just like college students gain real world knowledge while going on internship program, high school students can learn to gain similar knowledge while working during athletic events or even public events that have been organized by schools in the district. Havving job training can assist students to learn how to manage their time and events and provide them with a perspective of how they have to prepare themselves for their future professional life.

Statistics on Obesity

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Obesity among teenagers is the leading health problem in the United States of America. A report by the Institute of Medicine indicates that over 8 million children over 6 years have obesity, of these 14% are overweight (TT, 2009). This number continues to enlarge with time. What is even more alarming is the fact that adolescents with obesity always maintain this problem into adulthood. This means that in the future health of most Americans will be at risk, and there might be no role models to teach children and the adolescents on healthy eating habits (TT, 2009). Teenagers that have obese problems face a lot of challenges in social places such as schools. There is a discrimination which is distressing to these students, and this eventually results to stress and low self-esteem among teenagers. These teenagers may never get a chance to improve their status. The major causes of obesity are unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical practice. Teenagers and their parents should ensure that they indulge in physical practice and consume healthy foods in order to avoid obesity (TT, 2009). 

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