Custom «Diet Pop or Regular Pop» Essay Paper

Custom «Diet Pop or Regular Pop» Essay Paper

Many people have faced problems in deciding which pop to take. People have different opinions on the reasons why they prefer a particular pop instead of another. Through various researches carried worldwide, People have tried to know specific causes of ailments especially those thought to be associated with food. Although it is known that everything that has an advantage have a disadvantage, the need to study on the best option has made me choose this area of study. It is important to know the components of each of these pops and decide on the one that has the least side effects or harm on human health (Brownell et al, 2007). Diet pop contains aspartame, which is a sweetener although it is non-sugar. Diet pop include the cola drinks, which are found worldwide.

At temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, the aspartame in diet pop changes to phermeldahide. This is a chemical substance, which is used as a freezing agent in mortuaries. Consumption of this chemical substance at large amount is vital to human health and can cause cancer, severe ailments, brain tumors, lymphoma, and brain lesions. On the other hand, regular pop contains a small percentage of sugar. Human body especially for proper functioning of the brain requires sugar. Consumption of large amounts of sugar may also be dangerous but the regular pop does not contain lots of sugar that can pose health dangers to individuals.

Purpose of the study

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The primary purpose of this study is to decide which type of pop is good for human health. The major area of interest is the side effects of consumption of these pops. It is therefore, paramount to carry out this study because it will help in advising people on the best pop to take and to reduce chances of getting healthy problems and illnesses associated with pop consumption.

Literature review

Studies by George showed that diet pop causes allergies; these drinks contain low-calories and may cause chronic or acute hives. Another research by Dr. McCay at a research institute showed that these drinks also damages calcium in the body (Brownell et al, 2007). Furthermore, a health study by nurses showed that those women who consume diet drinks daily increases isks of high blood pressure by 9-13 % (Hu et al, 2006).


In order to carry out this research successfully, several methods were used. These methods include use of questionnaire, and interviews. Archived medical data was also drawn and analyzed. Several people were interviewed on their preferred pop and their reasons for their preferences were considered. Questionnaires were also used and people were to give their opinion on the use of diet and regular pops. Medical data on instances of ailments due to consumption of diet or regular pop were also used. From all the data obtained, analysis were done and conclusions drawn.


From the interviews taken, 98% of the people interviewed, both male and female were found to prefer taking regular pop. 95% of these preferred natural juice while the rest preferred flavored water. All the 98% had at one point taken diet pop and 90% had cases of headaches. The others fell dehydrated and opted to do away with diet pop. From questionnaires, it was found out that 89% of the people do not take diet pop. 90% of them have never taken them because they have knowledge on the side effects and the others have had headaches, and other withdrew after their close relatives or friends were diagnosed of cancer or brain tumors after a long consumption of diet pop. The other 2% were found to take diet pop everyday and they have never experienced any problem. They only find that they cannot so without it.

The other group of people who experienced weight gain after consuming the two pops gave the results below.


Regular pop

Diet pop

½ can per day

½-1 can per day

1-2 cans per day

>2 cans per day










Medical datta obtained from a district hospital showed that 60% of those patients with cancer were because of consuming diet pop. Those with brain tumors amounted to 10%. It was also found that those with frequent headaches were because of consuming diet pop (Drewnowski & Bellisle, 2007).


From the results obtained above, it is evident that diet pop is not good for human health. A higher percentage of people prefer taking regular pop because it does not contain any chemical substance, which is harmful for human health. Others opted to taking regular pop because they consistently increased weight unexpectedly. From the results tabulated above, it is seen that those who took diet pop had a higher weight gain rates. Moreover, many have opted to taking flavored water or naturally squeezed juice instead of diet pop. From these findings, it is clear that past research is true and many people are likely to stop taking diet pop in the near future. Many have knowledge on the side effects as brought up by scientist in the past and are not willing to take them at any time (Brownell et al, 2007).

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Although this study is successful, there were problems encountered in analyzing qualitative data and this is the major weakness of this study. It is, however, the best study because the quantitative analysis gave consistent results with past research and hence, considered successful and proven that taking regular pop is healthy compared to taking diet pop.

Conclusion and recommendation

In conclusion, it is clear that diet pop is harmful to human health. To avoid chances of getting cancer, brain tumors among other associated diseases, people should resort to taking natural juice. Chemical components like the artificial sweeteners make the body react and generate insulin. In a case where a person is addicted to use of diet pop, it is advisable to drink plenty of water so that the body does not feel dehydrated. It is clear that there is a difference in the sugar requirement for male and females (Hu et al, 2006). Future researchers are hereby advised to carry out more research and ensure that they separate male and female data. This will show who are prone to sicknesses due to consumption of diet pop.

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