Custom «Diabetes in Children» Essay Paper

Custom «Diabetes in Children» Essay Paper

Over the years up to date, there has been some research carried out on the cure and diagnostic of diabetes all over the world. Several attempts are being made to bring out the cure for this killer disease in the world that kills all people of all ages. There has been a research on how to improve on the degree of managing diabetes in young people due to inadequate childcare and health information.

The research had to review current information about diabetes in children and young people. It also had to develop a diary of in order to monitor the glucose sample properly. Furthermore, the research had to verify the relevance of the current information pack in management of diabetes. Monitored dose description and adherence are maintained. A comparison and contrast of the new and current study pack will be done order to give a good pathway in the future for other researchers to base their findings. The research is a base for future research agenda based on the age appropriate child-centered information, across a range of conditions.

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The result of the research would be of high importance. It has incorporated all the major players in the health sectors. Exhaustive use of children, healthcare professionals and families at various level of their requirement provide a good platform for research. The findings will be able to help the clinical teams in managing of diabetes through relevant dissemination of drugs and dosage to young people. It will ensure that researchers ask children relevant questions during an examination. The findings will also help the nurses in ensuring that they use proper techniques in handling small and young people.

Te findings will give valuable evidence on the process of measurement of the trials that could be used for future research work. The findings could also help young people to manage their health with or without their parents. The findings complement other children diabetes studies with other team findings. It will contribute to developing wider evidence base in the study and treatment of type 1 diabetes. Several plans laid to ensure that the research findings will come to be useful in future. Clinical trials underlined in the research will ensure that there is a well placed randomization service and data base management and development as per required by the research objectives.                                                                                                                                        

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The research team had comprised of professionals. Everyone had experienced thorough research on the field of medicine. Team spirit played a major role in ensuring that the research was achievable. Every person had an idea from a different field. Communication between members was of high importance and everything is in order to facilitate the communication process.

Members in the research team planned and accorded different roles and levels of work to maintain high quality research. There was a room of co-applicants in the research team to assist in the woork based on adequate ability. Supervision is carried either face-to-face on weekly and daily basis or through a website. This will be characterized by increased efficiency and effectiveness of the research work.

There were also groups to ensure people work together. This also brought together other group leaders to ensure they offered their expertise during group meetings.

The trial management and steering committee would often meet to guide the children, parents and health workers how to cope with the research in six months. The trial management committee also gave advice on other group members how to be relevant to the research.

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The work of data monitoring and evaluation committee is to ensure that data obtained is of high quality. It has to liaise with the adverse reports committee. Additional stakeholders incorporated to ensure constant advice from people who have worked with children and parents. The stakeholders ensured that the research is achievable and successful. All co-applicants contributed heavily in the laying down of research procedures. Most of the co-applicants had vast knowledge in the area of study and the entire research. Specialists in communication and children would ensure the development of information pack in terms of content and intellectual structure for dispatching to the media.

The research based its findings and knowledge on various references. The well renowned books for study in the field of medicine and specifically in diabetes provide an amble platform for research. In this case, emphasis was based on children and young people since diabetes in children is the main objective of this study.

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