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Development of Church Policy

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Medieval period represented major developments of the church policy. During this period, the church dominated the society. Medieval people believed in God entirely. Thus, the church had control over them. Both peasants and town people worked for free in church. One of the major policies that were implemented during medieval period was the translation of the Great works that particularly related to church activities from Latin to English. This made it possible for the works to spread across Europe (Powell, 2006). Moreover, this facilitated the spread of the Roman Catholic Church. During this period, many people were illiterate. Thus, the church developed a policy where it sponsored learning institutions. Large number of people was able to read and write.

During the medieval period, the pope played both spiritual and political roles. He represented the authority of the church. He influenced the direction of the church and the state. Pope had the authority to make decisions affecting the church and the entire empire. For example, Pope Innocent III facilitated the re-union of the western and Byzantine Empire. Thus, pope could perform the duties of the king or those of the emperor.

Throughout the history of papacy, Pope Innocent III was the most influential and powerful. He was able to exert changes over all Christian regimes especially in Europe. He supported catholic reforms. This was on ecclesiastical matters. In addition, due to his influence, there was an increase in the canon law. Politically, he was highly influential. For example, he used interdiction and censures to ensure that the prince obeyed his decisions. He was able to call for military action against some religious groups such as Muslims and Cathars. He also called for the “Fourth Crusade” that resulted in the sacking of Constantinople by his crusaders. This led to the reunion of both the Western and Eastern churches something that made the Pope happy. Therefore, the reign of Pope Innocent III, clearly shows that Popes were both religious and political leaders during this period.

Buy custom Development of Church Policy essay

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