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Developing Long-Term Physical Activity Participation

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Topic of Study - Developing Long-Term Physical Activity Participation: A Grounded Theory Study with African American Women.

The purpose of this study was to show how regular physical activities are linked to a reduced risk of obesity and chronic diseases.  The study will bring out an understanding of the behavioral process among the African American women by developing a theoretical framework, which would explain the pathways that links the key factors together, resulting into a subsequent integration of physical activity into their lifestyle.

The study will be limited in scope in the sense that the general problem of lack of physical activity, which contributes to numerous health problems and rising obesity rates is narrowed down to focus on a specific problem of lack of physical activity for African American women and the consequences of this lack. The reasons for limiting the study to a specific group of people include the following:

-         Limiting down the scope of the study enables the researcher to focus on a specific group of people, the African American women.

-         Narrowing down the study provides a realistic outcome than a broad topic.

-         A general and broad topic of study may result into introduction of new and unexpected results during its course and this may lead to a different direction of study.

-         It was also important to be specific because it was difficult to generalize the topic of study to fit the whole population.

The following are the potential limitations of the study:

-         Although the research provides an insight of why African American women do not participate in physical activities, the study does not weave these factors together in order to portray an overall understanding of how African American women become physically active.

-         The study does not elucidate the pathways which links the key factors and steps in a behavioral process that results in subsequent physical activity participation.

-         The study does not focus on illustrating the behavioral process of physical activity maintenance and adoption which would be more effective in informing interventions to enhance physical activity participation.

-         The study does not explain a behavioral theory or framework that would explain the whole process from adoption through maintenance in the domain.

This study will be important to potential audience such as those who might come up with health prevention programs for African American women. The research would also be used by other researchers who might be interested by the issue African American health problems

Buy custom Developing Long-Term Physical Activity Participation essay

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