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Demonstrate Awareness of Societal Issues Appropriate for an Individual

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Health care is a wide institution, which provides curative, preventive rehabilitative and promotional health care services to individuals and societies. Great strides have been made in the past to improve the health care professions image on the society. Modern and effective technical capabilities which ensure more precise diagnosis are adopted to enhance social trust. Health care issues are concerned with threats to health. The health care professional encompasses knowledge on the physician’s mental, physical and mental well being. The professional is also expected to have multidisciplinary knowledge on community health, environmental health, occupational health and health services. Interdisciplinary approaches in biostatistics and epidemiology is also vital. The public health professional should be able to accommodate different types of people and help them in the best way possible. They should advice people accordingly to enable them achieve holistic health. They should be able to address issues of abortion, race, gay relationships and embarrassing illnesses with decorum and professionalism.

            Most professionals have established guidelines for good practice. Contravening on these guidelines may constitute neglect or abuse. As a result, health care professionals have established principles of good conduct. Some tenets of god practice have been made into law while others are set by the professional associations. Social and Health care professions have the concept of care and duty towards their users. The quality and well being of service delivered should therefore be highly prioritized as all treatment is anticipated to have therapeutic or life saving benefits to the patient. The patients should be allowed access to vital information relating to their health and well being. The health professional should communicate and network with colleagues in an attempt to enrich the medical field. They should address upcoming issues, challenges and interests. 

Health care services are regulated by the government by a national regulatory agency. It also licenses care givers who might wish to practice private health care. The agency acts as a disciplinary arm. 

Buy custom Demonstrate Awareness of Societal Issues Appropriate for an Individual essay

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