Custom «Computer usage is a Threat to Human Health» Essay Paper

Custom «Computer usage is a Threat to Human Health» Essay Paper

Most organizations all over the globe are embracing technology to ensure that the quality of their output improves. Computer usage is picking up at a higher rate in most of these organizations. The continuous usage of computers in most organizations is in turn posing a great threat to human health. For instance, it leads to back problems, eyesight problems, and leads to E-thrombosis. Opponents claim that computers are not harmful to human health as they promote speed and ensure accuracy of transactions in the organization. They see computer usage in organizations to be composed of only positive results.

This paper explicates continued computer usage and the resulting health hazards.

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Computer usage leads to back problems. Computer usage involves a lot of bending of the back when typing the information into the computer. This could result in back pains in the end. This is especially rampant where the users sit on chairs that do not offer enough comfort. In most organizations, an individual is expected to work using the machine the whole day. This means these individuals spend the whole day bending thus straining their backs. This is a common occurrence in the busiest departments where computers are used to achieve faster and efficient processing of orders (Oja and Parsons, 104). Individuals are thus exposed to back problems that result in immense pain and could make individuals unable to work efficiently in the future. This dangerous health problem could result in a slower generation because these individuals are not able to carry out their normal activities. The back problems are becoming an increasing problem among the youth. The back problems are thus a serious threat to the country’s future.

It leads to eyesight problems. Individuals stare at the computer screens every day they are on duty. Continuous staring at the computers while working could result in eyesight problems. This is because individuals are exposed to the computer’s bright light. They also have to strain especially when reading vital information from the computers. This continued exposure to the computer light leads to untreatable eyesight problems. The eyes could ache, and the individual could eventually lose effective eyesight (Shelly, Cashman and Gunter, 497). The unregulated computer light is dangerous and continued exposure to it leads to the indivdual even totally losing out the eyesight. Doctors have raised alarm that the eyesight problems resulting from computer usage are increasing at a faster rate. They also fear that these problems are becoming harder to tackle. The eyesight problems lead to loss of quality labor. This problem is prevalent among the whole generation; children and the youth could be affected posing a serious threat to the country’s hope. The loss of eyesight due to computer usage is could be avoided by regulating the number of hours one spends in front of the computer.

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Computer usage for longer periods could lead to E-thrombosis. This condition is associated with spending too many hours sitting in front of the computer. E-thrombosis leads to the swelling of the blood veins in the legs. Individuals who spend longer hours attending to computer activities without standing to exercise their legs risk suffering from this condition. In addition, the individual could be exposed to other conditions such as frequent collapsing and the inability to lead a normal life. Research asserts that individuals who spend longer hours at the computers without taking a break to exercise their legs risk the effect of blood clots in their veins thus the inability to walk later on. This means the flow in the veins is restricted, and the individual could lose his life. The unstable blood flow could lead to the eventual death of the individual due to the inefficiency of the lungs to operate effectively. Computer usage for longer hours could limit most people from participating in other activities and could permanently lose the ability to walk (Oja and Parsons, 112). Amputations could also result from this problem. This problem could be averted by taking off some time to exercise the leg muscles for effective blood flow.

On the other hand, computer usage improves the speed of working. Computers are the main electronic devices that support faster processing of data in any given organization. This means that transactions and information is processed at a faster rate for effective decision making in the organization. Use of computers ensures that vital business opportunities are not missed by the organization. This could in turn lead to faster implementation of all the organizational activities for the achievement of goals and objectives. The required information between various departments can also be relayed faster hence boosting the speed at which efforts are coordinated form the achievement of results. Computers improve the general speed of working and communication in the organization thus improving the organization’s performance. The speed at which computers work would enable the management saves a lot because only a few individuals are required to operate the computers. Individual efforts in ensuring that speed is achieved are minimized as the computers perform all the tasks. This ensures that people are less tired hence reducing the level of negative effects on their health.

Computers promote accuracy in the organizations. Computers contribute to the accuracy of different documents in the organization. They are not prone to errors like humans. They could calculate technical situations and effectively detect errors. This ensures that an organization is in a good position to make sound decisions with accurate information. Their output is reliable because of its accurate nature. The accurate information provided by computers is vital to the management as it gives the organization’s correct picture for decision- making. Accuracy is enhanced by the set of programs that are installed in these computers. Opponents claim that it eases human stress by reducing their levels of reasoning concerning the accuracy of information. In addition, the accuracy of the information enhances reliability on the information. The management is in a better position to put in place corrective measures in cases where errors occur because the information gives the proper direction.

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In conclusion, continuous computer usage poses many health problems but their usage cannot be stopped because of their positive side. Computer users are likely to be exposed to many problems that result in permanent loss of their vital body parts. For instance, individuals exposed to back problems are unable to perform other activities that require the support of the back. They are unable to bend and perform other tasks hence leading to inefficiency in the utilization of activities. Individuals lose their eyesight resulting to a generation that is unable to see. The loss of eyesight means individuals are unable to read or write in the normal course of their lives.  On the other hand, computers promote the speed of working and ensure that accuracy of the output is achieved. Computer usage for longer periods is generally harmful to an individual’s health.

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