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Children Obesity

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Obesity is a health condition that results from excess accumulation of excess fats in the body. Obesity is a common ailment in this century and is most prevalent among children. Due to obesity, the life expectancy of children is significantly reduced. This is because it causes a lot of health problems; for example, diabetes, heart failure and breathing difficulties due to accumulated dietary calories among other complications. Many people assume that obesity is caused by excessive eating; however, this is not always the case. Obesity is sometimes caused by genetic inheritance, medication, slow metabolism and endocrine disorders (Kiess & Marcus, 2004). Although previously viewed as a symbol of wealth and fertility, obesity has disastrous effects on society and should not be taken lightly.

Over the years, the number of obese children has risen due to the changed lifestyle and genetic integration. The greatest and most traumatic effects of obesity in children are the risk of heart failure among other ailments. This is because it limits the lifespan of these obese children, hence wiping out future generations in the society. As a result, only the weak and old are left to enhance development and growth economically in the society. The problems that are likely to occur in these children’s lives is; early puberty, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other eating disorder like asthma and anorexia. Moreover, the obese children’s parents are forced to incur massive medical bills to tender to their medical conditions (Pa%u0159ízková & Hills, 2005).

Due to overweight in obese children, they feel isolated and are not involved in activities such as sports and music. These children grow with a negative attitude towards life, and unless there is help from a psychologist the child may end up hating himself/herself forever. There have been several reports of obese children committing suicide (Waters, Seidell & Swinburn, 2010). One of the pressure facing obese children is the fact that they are considered abnormal and that they deserve exceptional treatment. This makes them feel as if they are living in their own world. The attitude in obese family is linked to their children making them give up on life at a very tender age. This has contributed to the increase in number of the obese people since they do not take responsibility of fighting obesity by taking the required measures to control it.

Socially, obese children have issues with their self esteem, and this denies them their childhood happiness as they are stigmatized by their peers. This makes them withdraw socially from others in the society. Researchers surveyed over 15000 children under the age of 8-11 and discovered that most of the obese children are nervous and sad. This has profoundly affected their psychological growth and lead to their loss of appetite. People usually think that obesity is an abnormal health condition caused by excessive eating but this is not the case. Obesity is the condition where the body has accumulated too much fat because of an unbalanced diet or taking too much carbohydrate (Flamenbaum, 2006). Although scientists have invented medication for children over the age of 16, they have still not yet discover drugs to cure obesity or control the rate of obesity for children under the age of 16.

In conclusion, research studies the weight of a person rely heavily on genes, social class, environmental condition, cultural beliefs, and behavioral element in a person. It is also proven that, obesity is as a result of energy imbalances in the body. Majorly, people eating a variety of food full of calories and not engaging in any physical activity to burn the calories are more likely to pass obese genes to their children. However, families with a history of obese conditions are advised to control it by exclusively breastfeeding their children and providing a balanced diet to the children at their early age.

Buy custom Children Obesity essay

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