Custom «Center for Disease Control and Prevention » Essay Paper

Custom «Center for Disease Control and Prevention » Essay Paper


Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been given three fundamental functions. One of them is to offer protection by ensuring United States population is healthy and safe. The agency has the obligation to inform the citizens, health care organizations as well as the government bodies in order to help them make sound decisions when it comes to health matters.  CDC partners with other department such as National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, National Center on Infectious Diseases and other non-governmental to promote health to the public. The agency is responsible in providing variety of health problems that are preventable and give information about them to the public. It has the role of pinpointing the infectious diseases and epidemics, diseases that are chronic and the effects of environment to people’s health.

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The other efforts that the agency are to prevent and reduce poisoning that  comes from lead which causes heart diseases, cancer, diabetes as well as obesity. The agency is also mandated to inform the public about the causes and prevention of HIV/AIDS. CDC engages in regular health checks; investigate health complications and monitoring any outbreaks of infectious diseases (Harbin, 1994). It also conducts health research to assist in diseases prevention as well as develop and advocate for policies that protect and facilitate public health. The agency keeps on implementing strategies that are useful during prevention as well as promoting heath behaviors that help in disease control. Apart from strategies and policies, CDC supports lives of people in order to have that spiritual perspective of their lives and offer them counseling that help people to deal with stress and adopt a heather lifestyle. Some of the most emphasized behaviors are the issues that would help to surmount obesity and discipline in the eating habits as well as keeping away from promiscuity.

Live a healthy lifestyle

There are only two things in our lives that we will never avoid. One of them is growing old and the other is dying. Thus the way we spend our lives really matters. Our way of living definitely dictates our lifestyles and therefore we should know about learn to have that healthy lifestyle. This is not only to prolong our years but also prevent diseases. The kinds of food that people eat and the influence from media have great significance in our lifestyle. These foods normally have enormous significance in our health as well as influencing our lifespan. To have a healthy life try and do exercise for about thirty minutes in a day, eat lots of fruits, maintan a healthy weight and avoid sugary foods. The sugary foods may put one into the danger of becoming unhealthy as it contributes to our weight gain.

Tne is also advice to avoid fatty foods since they are the main roots of obesity and heart diseases due high level of cholesterol.  Smoking should be avoided as well because of it repercussions. This will not only give one a good healthy life style but also keep away from danger of getting lung cancer. Long television watching should be avoided too (Gray, 2009). The TV has advertisements of junk foods which can leave your mouth watery and in the next minute one is on the shop to purchase the product. The long sittings to watch TV denies one a chance to exercise thus one gains unnecessary weight and definitely become obese. Those are just a few but powerful tips to have a healthy life style.

Immunity and child hood disease

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Immunity is that defense that protects our bodies from pathogens that may cause infections. The immune system of our body attacks these pathogens and other substances that cause diseases. The system is a series of network formed by the body cells, tissues and body organs (Gray, 2009). The three work as a team to protect our bodies from being invaded by diseases. White blood cells or scientifically know as leukocytes are of two fundamental types that work together to kill organisms or substances that cause diseases. The production of white blood cells is in many parts of our bodies for instance the spleen, thymus and in the born marrows.  The leukocytes move around the body through the organs and lymphatic vessels as well as in the blood vessels.  This kind of coordination makes the immune system to be capable of monitoring the harmful pathogens.

The childhood diseases are those diseases that attack children mostly when they are below the age of five. Some of them include the smallpox, Homophiles influenza, paralytic polio, Diphtheria just to name a few. CDC conducted a research to analyze Haemophilius influenza (Hi) in 1994 and 1995 to get the description of Hi invasion to citizens of United States. The research showed that 376 out of 669 children under analysis tested positive for Hi. This was a fifty-six percent representation of all the children under the age of four years who were subjected to the research.  The research revealed that the children under five months or below who had Hi recorded the highest aggregate per year.

The children who had the age of six to eleven moths recorded the second highest. 181 children with Hi infection, 87 of them representing forty-seven percent were a bit young to have completed the required series of immunization. 83 off those who had been vaccinated and their status known 52 of them were not vaccinated properly and therefore, they had Hi. The remaining thirty-one representing thirty-seven percent had completed the series of taking primary vaccine but it had failed. It is after this research that lead to the introduction of Hid conjugate vaccines. The conjugate vaccine was first given to those children of fifteen months and above but later introduced to those of two months. The main goal of CDC was on Childhood Immunization Initiative which was aimed at eradicating the invasive Hid that caused diseases and deaths among the children of four years and below.

Summary of the case study

From the case study, we have leant that Edward Jenner was the one who determined that the cowpox virus gave immunity to smallpox. The move was a great breakthrough in medical and gave hope to many lives. We have also seen that in 1980, WHO declared the smallpox no longer a threat to human beings and therefore eradicated. Diphtheria and paralytic polio caused so many children’s deaths in the 19th century but today they are rarely seen. The case study has also helped to learn that Asia and Africa are two regions in the world where the diseases still exist due to inability to afford extensive vaccines.

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It is therefore important to give proper patient education to parents on childhood immunizations because parents would be educated more concerning every vaccine and its significant role it plays in the child’s health. The education will also ensure that the parents to understand the symptoms, occurrence and the risk of the diseases immunized (Harbin, 1994). The parents will as well know the type of products used in immunization process, the accrued merits and side effects of immunization drugs. In addition the parent will not only know the flow up required but also the contributions of the immunization to the community. The education will also help the parent to understand the proper guidelines required when it comes to the feeding of the infant in order for it to cope up with immunization drug.


The essay has been able to inform us about CDC and its functions in the effort of controlling and preventing infectious diseases.  The importance of immunization has also been discussed giving example to some of the infectious diseases that attack children in their early age. The case study has as well helped to learn more about disease that were considered dangerous but nowadays they are no longer a threat to human life. The importance of proper patient education to parents on childhood immunization has as well been demonstrated.

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