Custom «Brain Drivers» Essay Paper

Custom «Brain Drivers» Essay Paper

Brain drivers the human body. Human mental level reflects from his/her mood, behavior and body language. The contemporary psychological theories stress on human emotional development than intelligence. The reason is that intelligence is integral, whereas the emotional needs development.  Therefore, an emotionally sound personality can only be treated as the intelligent and intellectual.

Gestalt therapy:

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            An emotionally sound personality can take long lasting decisions from which they can get best results. However, in some cases there is found chaos of emotional intelligence that reduced the intellect as well.

For theses people who possess disordered personality, there was introduced Gestalt therapy that completely based on contact, discussion, and sort out the problems and their solutions by dialogue. This type of therapy has been formed first time by Frederick (Fritz and Laura Perls in 1940. 

Gestalt approach:

            The major approach of Gestalt therapy is to get the insight. And, the insight information should not be an ordinary know-how of one’s personality. But, it should have a normal contact process to get the appropriate insight. It might be dancing, singing or words dialogue.

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Hereinafter, Gestalt approach is about to build a contact between therapist and patient to form dialogue for benefit. However, the ultimate aim of client for the discussion and or dialogue would be to get his/her insight personality information like what they are doing, how they are doing and how it must be or how one can change himself

 When is "therapeutic change" considered to occur in the Gestalt approach?

            In Gestalt approach, the therapeutic change would be consideered to occur, when client have been aware of his/her insight. The therapist client discussion or dialogue continues till the conclusions and till solutions. Moreover, therapeutic change comes after process that starts from contact, go on with discussion/dialogue and end up at conclusions/solutions. Therefore, change occurs when a brain get aware of itself, and thinks about to change to be better.


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            At the end of treatise, it is better to restate the thesis that is, brain drivers the human body. After comprehensive erudition of Gestalt’s therapy approach, it is clear that washing a brain could help reinstating a life into normal routine. Hence, people have changed their brains by Gestalt’s therapy approach. And, methodology of dialogue has worked to drive the brains in the right way.             

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